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Archive | February, 2014

Wolfgang – Minni, (Dont go into the woods today ….the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood are at play!)


Sometimes things change quickly…

Like I’ve said before, Minni and I have become very good friends and we’ve spent quite a bit of time together. It seems that my somewhat inadvertent “slow-poison” approach has worked though, since we are now more than friends, and therefore I’ve cancelled coffee with the other ladies.

Minni and I share something that I call “cultural compatibility”, which is very important to me – I just wasn’t quite aware how important and now we have gone to the next level and are very open and comfortable with each other.

And on that bombshell, it’s time to end this message! 🙂


Oooooweeeeee!!!!  two favourite of our perfect partners are seeing each other …….wow, that is awesome dear Wolf, indeed, your ‘slow poison’ (to quote you, but not quite sure what you mean, tongue in cheek) method has worked, you have grown on each other!  That is so truly awesome!!  Without sounding arrogant – we could see that ‘cultural’ compatibility…..and more, you are both very ‘advanced’ souls……and more ….you just had to ‘find’ your level!! You would make a beautiful and worthy couple that others will benefit from ……..your happiness will touch many hearts!

We are thrilled for you and have made you non-dating, that is assuming that Minni is happy too J

Love and light and may you be very happy and fulfilled!

Fond Regards


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Wow!! Indeed, we are like family …. An old member returns …….

Dear Shannon

I truly think that the work that you do is amazing – I might have already said it before, but I want you to know what an incredible gift you and the team have and that there is someone out there who truly values and appreciates what you do (me xxx).

It can’t be easy trying to match up everyone according to their quirks / needs / deepest hearts desires, but you and the team always strive hard to make everyone’s dream a reality.

I think you and the team rock!! And I love you like family.

Thank you for being the amazing person that you are Shannon.

Please keep the passion and the faith,

Love always,

Thanks dearest Natalie – I truly am  humbled but accept your vote of confidence – we do love what we do and we take a deep interest in all our members happiness and future!  Everyone has an equal chance at finding their destiny and it is just a matter of hard work and doing the numbers (well selected!). We are very happy that you have returned to ‘the family’ after your long absence and although sorry you have not The One yet, know that we will do it together this time!

You are very special to me too! I love you to bits and have a deep interest in your future and hope we really do make a difference and soon!

Wishing you love and light, and stay as lovely as you are, love will find you!

Fond Regards

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Marlene – Peter B, Greetings and asking advice

Thanks dear Marlene – and we wish you the most awesome new relationship and many happy changes! May your love go from strength to strength, and remember, change needs patience, acceptance and negotiation! As Richard Hooker quoted “Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better”…….but it is always worth it! Just take one day at a time.

Love and light as always, and let us know please how you are doing – any advice – we are here for your guys!

Fond Regards

Hi Shannon
Thanks for your advice! Congratulations on your matchmaking skills – I think we are very well suited and are very happy together.


Hi Marlene,

Awesome hearing from you dearest Marlene – we have often thought of you on the big wide blue! Hope you had an awesome holiday and we wish you and Peter a wonderful new relationship- may it be the beginning of something

It makes sense to maybe move in with him on a kinda temp basis – you can always shoot home for things that need attention – after all you are away so much anyway! You can always leave – so keep a back door open in case, but we think it is perfectly fine and a fab opportunity for you to get to know each other even better! Don’t you think? Look at it like a holiday! You can always make other decisions as you progress. He is very sincere and has been a VERY good boy while you were away! He counted the days to your return! Nothing to lose dearest, and much travelling saved. Go tame the tiger!

Love and light as always,

Fond Regards

Hi Shannon / Rick

Just checking in with you as we have not been in touch for a while. Peter B and I have been spending a considerable amount of time together and have a wonderful relationship!! We are both very happy together. I have one little concern though – he is very keen for me to move in with him while I am home – it is quite tempting but do you think it would be a wise move for me?? Please advise!!!

Kind Regards

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Sipho – An important question on cross-cultural matches

Hi dear Sipho,

Many thanks for the enquiry and also candidly asking about our services, much appreciated!

To give you some assurances, we can say we are often told we are streets ahead in our view to building bridges between the various culture groups if the individuals are well matched. We are also praised on our openness (and courage) to approach well matched singles with an eye to trying another culture – this is only a networking exercise after all in order to assess possibilities and maybe think out the box and try something new! Sometimes we succeed, but there are no guarantees! Many people are adamant about their roots and determined to stay within their cultures – nothing to do with Colour. Of course, we do have White ladies/men who are totally ‘colour blind’ and more concerned that values, IQ, EQ and SQ (spiritual quotient) are compatible ……with a similar lifestyle and background and approach to tradition and inherent culture. We also guide all our members on the art of acceptance, tolerance and negotiation!


Having said that, we can only offer to try on your behalf ……..if you were on our database you would be in line to meet such new-century-thinking ladies. Of course, we have to promote you (with your help – we will create a great ‘show case’ on you and make tentative approaches on your behalf and point out why you would be a possible eligible ‘catch’ and a value add in somebody’s life) and see what results we get. This is precisely why we call what we do ‘social recruitment’ because we literally head hunt for you.

Of course, at the end of the day, love has to FIND YOU! It cannot be engineered, manipulated or coaxed. The more candidates, the more prospects you meet, the better – this is a numbers game! What better chance other than joining our select network? You have total confidentiality, a hands on agency who really cares and is continually seeking that which you want from the general public after much advertising and screening for the ‘right kind of singles’ …….and we are also known for the fact that our members are a cut above the ordinary and mundane (who we wish well but rather leave to less knowledgeable agencies or the internet). Apart from us, there is not much better choice, I am humble in saying.

I trust I have given you some encouragement, and hope to see your personal profile come through – it will only come to me and is totally safe from any other eyes! I will treat it with respect. Just complete the form and click on submit …..the cyber fairies will ensure I get it. Indeed, a certain maturity is a requirement if two total strangers are to negotiate the path of true love in a lasting and fulfilling relationship, even if there is an explosion of physical attraction.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and wishing you love and light in all your dreams,

Fond Regards
Shannon Davisoff (nee Mac naughton)




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A wonderful token of gratitude from a very happy couple!

Takes one angel to know another dearest Beryl!!  I have walked this path and have learnt many bitter lessons too – so yes – I guess the work we do is a gift because we care so much about you!  I am grateful to have the honour of knowing YOU!!  I have learnt to be humble and never judge – first find out! And I am still learning!

Thanks for sharing your deepest heart with me – I am very honoured!  I am smiling now as I firmly believe even this little tsunami had to happen to bring you and Albert together even more – you have exposed your feelings to each other and it has fast tracked your love for each other, indeed, you have reached a new level!  Let’s us see the silver lining around that dark cloud now disappearing fast!

I wish you a peaceful night and may you both say many sweet things to each other!

Love and light – and I really mean that!


Fond Regards

You Shannon is a God given Angel. You carried me through this day and I will always cherish you.

Last chapter for the day! – He told me that he ‘loves me so deeply and that his future belongs to me. We will hold hands and succeed in this beautiful love, holding hands going forward’.

I share this with you, deep intimate talk because YOU Shannon is a mighty tool in the hand of God with wisdom to make love remain the strongest and how to overcome.

Not because of today, but because of who I became to know who you are, I love you as a sister!

Now why do you set the showers from heaven from my eyes again – Shannon,I appreciate you, have never met a person who can say a thing the way that you do.

A deep thank you!  I am honestly learning a lot of myself which is not so beautiful, but I have so much gratitude as now my inside is receiving intense grooming.  Thank you!

I have never cared for any man as for Albert.  From the moment of ‘hello’, my heart was under his bed. I care so much for him and how right you are in so many ways – I am growing and being a fast learner, no intentions of repeating mistakes.  Oh my, I had to break to stand tall.

Thank you, thank you so sincerely – and here I am again at a loss for words.

You a gem!


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