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Archive | November, 2014

Our match maker made a match, caught me a catch!

From: Thembi
Sent: 23 November 2014 10:58 PM
To: Inge – Perfect Partners

Dear Inge and Shannon,

Thanks very much for the introduction suggestions. I have in fact found my perfect partner in Sipho L and we are both are excited about the relationship and keen to give it our all to make it a success. He is such an amazing man, kind, considerate, a strong leader, successful, creative and an excellent communicator – and a gentleman!

In doing so I think it would be appropriate not to consider any further connections so I give it my undivided heart and attention.

Thanks again for everything, you guys have been amazing and so kind, always attending to my needs when I needed you, and your ‘date ready’ coaching certainly empowered me not to make common mistakes.

Kind regards,

From: Perfect Partners Inc
Sent: 24 November 2014 10:02 AM
To: Thembi
Subject: Our match maker made a match, caught me a catch!

Awesome dear Thembi – a finer couple we cannot imagine, you are a very perfect match as you both have a deep understanding of life and love and deep core values!!  We are really thrilled for you and are so happy we could bring you together!  It is has been a pleasure working with you!  just goes to show, it is always about timing.

We wish you love and light, and please let us know how it goes!

Fond Regards
Shannon, Inge and the PP Team

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I found my perfect partner, thank you!

Hi Shannon,

How are you? We are all fine up here in Joburg. It’s a little cold today and we have had lovely, heavy rain over the last few days.

Shannon, I’m at a loss to explain how grateful I am to you and the Perfect Partners team for the amazing change you have facilitated in my life through introducing me to my Perfect Partner and my special love, CG! Thank you for helping me understand him too, as he too needed to find true happiness and love – you allowed me to peek at his inner heart, never make assumptions, have trust and just be there, and it surely paid off.

I came out of a long and difficult marriage a little disillusioned about relationships. I spent some time reflecting after my divorce and after seeing your advertisement in a local magazine, decided that life was passing me by.I realised I was missing out!

I decide to make enquires and I was treated so kindly, positively and accepting from the word go that I realised I was onto a good thing.

C was my first match and I have never looked back. We have so much in common and are similar in so many, very important ways. We value our relationship and are enjoying everything that life has on offer and then some!

We both live in the same area, go to the same shops, work a similar field and…we had just never met each other.

It is so true when you say that people look for each other but just can’t find each other. We would have never found each other without Perfect Partners!

Shannon, your profiling is so accurate and you really do have the recipe for success.

Thank you ! I am eternally grateful for your continuous support, sensitive care and for restoring my inner child and showing me how much I can enjoy life in abundance with love!


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