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The benefits of using a professional matchmaker!

Matchmaker Benefits

Your best bet, guaranteed

You’re looking for love, but your email box is stuffed with messages from posers and players, you’ve had your fill of happy hour at the local watering hole, and your coworkers would only be suitable dating material if the world were ending at midnight. Family and friends just don’t get it! It might be time to try a professional matchmaker or matchmaking service.

Is a Matchmaker Right for You?
If these key points apply to you, a matchmaker could be a worthwhile investment:

  • You’ve been there, done that, and are not just out for an exciting hunt.
  • You’re definitely ready to snuggle down with the perfect partner for life.
  • Spending a fair bit of money for a good professional matchmaker won’t hurt your finances.
  • You’ve tried the usual places to connect with a partner, and that’s not for you – you may want to meet more elite singles.
  • You can be relaxed and open with the right professional adviser who has experience and people skills.

Ethical, experienced matchmakers spend a lot of time getting to know their clients and putting the right people together. We’re not talking about sending out perfunctory videos and saying, “Pick your next date from one of these.” Real matchmakers know how chemistry works, what key issues make people compatible, and what personal characteristics define potential harmony. Professional matchmakers also study societal trends and know where the action is, and what is realistically do-able.

For example, you might think more mature people, say post-45-year-olds, can’t find a great partner because our society tends to worship youth. Not so. There are matchmakers who specialize in working with established adults, and they understand that Rob Blagojevich hair isn’t important and Lady Gaga pizazz loses its appeal in the real world. However, at perfect partners we do understand our Young heart’s Club, who are members setting out for the first time to find  permanent and lasting relationship, where core values on both sides are a necessary building block.

Successful and professional matchmakers are skilled at understanding their clients’ needs and filling them. They get that people come in all shapes and sizes. They know that outstanding character and emotional stability can outrank flash and glitz. Successful relationships are born of honest communication and representation, and they survive on the same fuel.

How to Approach Matchmaking Safely

Are you a loser if you need a matchmaker? Not at all. Matchmaking has been a thriving business for thousands of years. In fact, only in modern times have we decided to leave the pairing up of lovers to fate or chance. Some of the most successful marriages around have resulted from matchmaking, but most such couples won’t announce their secret.

It’s possible that busy single people trying to raise children, develop a career or make important life transitions aren’t equipped to find the right partner. If a couple is good, the Earth can move, and life is amazing. If a couple is wrong together, nothing else works, and solutions can be most stressful. Sometimes, outside facilitation clears the fog so that real progress can be made. We’ve learned to trust professionals to work on our cars, arrange our parties and celebrations, even do our shopping. There’s little reason not to explore professional assistance with a most important issue, our emotional satisfaction…..the search for a personal partner. This is even worse on dating sites where singles often just sign-up for fun and games ….or some very dark motives.

Be forewarned that matchmaking, like coaching, is neither licensed nor regulated in most places. You or I could hang a shingle tomorrow and start a new, supposedly lucrative career hooking up lonely people who don’t have the time, or maybe the confidence, to get together on their own. So, proceed with caution! Do your homework and get to know who the matchmakers out there are, and choose well, preferably a hands-on service who is big on communicating with their members (and charge for their time, otherwise you are getting bargain-basement level service – time is money) and have some degree of psychology and accreditation as coaches, and a good track record – even honesty hurts sometimes, it is all for a constructive purpose……success!

The contract should spell out both your obligations and theirs. It will specify a definition of services provided and not provided, a time period and the complete fees.

Investigate the firm on the Internet, looking for reviews and comments, and do it thoroughly. Just as you would if you were looking for a psychic adviser or a therapist, pay attention to detail and make sure you interview the person who will be handling your account. If you are not personally compatible, the chance of a successful match is limited.


Rick (Admin Manager) – Perfect Partners Team

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Love is in the air and a wedding in March 2015!!

Dear Shannon

Thank you for all your kind words :). As per our telphonic discussion, Ron and I are engaged and due to get married in March 2015 (we will send you pictures) with a little baby on the way, we are aboslutely thrilled and thank you and your team for all your assistance and helping Roger and I find each other, we could not have found amore caring and dedicated matchmaker.

As discussed with you also telphonically my brother is 32 years old and if possible if we could transfer the remaining or some of the remaining of the membership to him as he is ready to settle down. I have copied him on the email please get in contact with him and arrange a way forward.

Much appreciated!


14th January 2015

How utterly awesome dear Heather!! You and Ron were made for each other – what a lovely couple you make, it is was so easy to be your matchmakers, and we are soooooooooooooo excited for you – especially about the baby, how adorable! You will make wonderful parents!  You are so beautiful it is no wonder Ron nabbed you without hesitation – he also saw beyond the outer beauty and recognised your amazing personality and character too.  You are pure class and very humble, and we loved being your matchmakers.  He too is an exceptional guy and so many CT ladies missed their chance ……..the best thing he did was move to Jozi. We look forward to those wedding snaps! And don’t forget to send snaps of the new addition to the family!

We would love to sign-up your brother – we have had quite a few ‘family’ situations where we have expertly done our matchmaking for Dad, sons, brothers and sisters – one after the other! Please get him to contact us, we are standing by.We wish you much love and light and please stay in touch …it is very sad for us to ‘lose’ our members because we actually get quite fond of you guys, but that is the nature of the beastie!! (-: Being a professional matchmaker is a wonderful calling, but it means our people come and go quite quickly!

Fond Regards

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Barry and Mary are hooked up!

Hi Shannon,

Compliments of the season to you.

Mary and I have become quite close and I’m interested in developing a relationship with her. You really exceeded your usual intuition this time and the waiting has been worth while indeed.  I have met many awesome ladies through you, thanks to your excellent matchmaker services – many have remained friends as they are truly above average human beings and precious friends now. Being an advocate I can strongly endorse that you follow through on your promises…..of course, when is never predictable!  It hit me like that lightning bolt you always speak of!

I’m not interested in meeting other ladies.

Thank you very much for all your efforts and assistance.

Kind regards,

Awesome!!!  how wonderful dear Barry – Mary is a real treasure – takes one to know one! We are very happy for you and have made you non-dating.  If you still want our weekly ‘inspirations’ please advise so we can continue to send.

Love and light to both your wonderful folks!  We have grown very fond of you and really wish all the best for you – you have been a true trooper!

Fond Regards

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Perfect partners are true matchmakers!!

Hi Inge,

Best wishes for 2015! I hope it’s the best yet.

Thank you for Richards profile. I will decline though. I do apologize for not getting in touch with you earlier but I would like you to put me on hold until further notice.

I am getting to know Alan (an intro from early December) . He is a lovely man. We have really clicked. It’s still early days but feels very promising.  Hold thumbs!!  I will keep you in the loop. Thank you for your excellent matchmaking service – I have only had time to meet a few guys, but they have all been really true gentleman of the best and even though I was hesitant at first, I soon learnt to just put my heart in your hands because you know what you doing and you have been very caring, glad I did!

Until then take care 🙂

Kind Regards,


Awesome!!!  how wonderful dear Mavis – we really thought it was an excellent match despite logistics – our Alan is a man with a plan and a true gentleman!!  We are very happy for you!!  You definitely count as one of our quick success stories – and that is mainly thanks to your very wise, mature, practical and kind nature (blended well with a sense of humour – what man can resist that!) as you have backed us all the way and trusted every move, it sure does pay off to trust your matchmakers!  So many Singletons are so pernickerty they throw away opportunity after opportunity!  We truly do honour our matchmaking mandate, and it is a huge reward and gift to us when our channelling pays off.  You rock!!

Love and light then, and please ask for anything if you need us in the future! Let us know how it goes …..we will miss you.

Fond Regards

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