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Hi there,

Thank you for the informative and well received advice below on starting over and the courtship process – we are never too old to learn.

Starting over at age 50 is a daunting task but I am embracing the chance to reinvent myself but still keeping the  fundamentals that define who I am. I realize I have to help myself and I am giving it my best shot – this is ‘me’ time!  Your encouragement has been wonderful!  I also know you cannot present me successfully out there unless I put my best forward, and I am losing weight at last.

I will stay positive and optimistic and open the door to the new with my past baggage well managed and put to rest.

On that note, please can I give you some feed-back about Roland?

We have shared 3 or 4 very pleasant dates together but have regrettably decided that our lifestyles and expectations are very different so we will not be seeing each other again.

We may maintain a friendship, but even that is questionable.

So we are back to the drawing board and I will communicate on a more regular basis and not go into winter hibernation .

I would also like to update my profile as I have lost weight and would like to  make a few changes.

Please also re-send the telephone number of the photographer as I would like to go for a new photo-shoot.

Thank you for your fabulous service at all times and for the great encouragement and support provided by the Perfect Partner Team.

Time waits for no Man, and neither does a good Woman!!

I am worth it so best they come find me very soon J

Best regards from Me.