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Hi Shannon, Inge and the team

I want to thank you all so much for all you have done for me over the past year. The people you introduced me to were of the highest quality, you put a lot of effort into each and every introduction to ensure compatibility.

As you know Richard came to visit me over the Easter Weekend. He wrote me lovely mails before he came. He is a charming intelligent man and he writes very well. We just clicked during his visit , we talked until late in the evenings and really enjoyed the time together. He has invited me to visit him. So I will be going over- the weekend of the 24th.

Richard said that I had charmed him and that I was delightful -notwithstanding the fact that I got lost nearly every time we went out!

Well he has charmed me to, very much so!

So please wish us well you guys-and spare a thought for us the next coming weekend 24th to 26th.

If it works out -and there is a real chance here -you will have given me something that is priceless.

Thank you again.

Love to all


Hi dear Cheryl,

Thank you so much for the heartfelt email – we are ecstatic it went so well with you and Richard – indeed, he is totally besotted with you and we give him ten out of ten for recognising a wonderful heart and soul (and a beautiful lady) in you! What you see is what you get – he is a marvellous man with all the fine qualities of a keeper, very sincere and genuine!

We certainly do wish you a wonderful visit to his spot, he will treat you like a queen! Please let us know how it went.

We have been so honoured to work with a lovely person like you dearest, and you do deserve every happiness – it is also very exciting as we look forward to further adventures in your life.

Wishing you all the love and light ever, and stay as lovely as you are!

Fond Regards
Shannon, Ige and the Team