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Hi Shannon

Many thanks, I am looking forward to the experience, albeit a bit nervous 😉  You guys have me so comfortable, the interview was very friendly and caring with tons of gentle guidance, and I do not feel alone anymore, knowing I have guys like you behind me, always a friendly call away! It is comforting to know there is a truly professional matchmaker in our country, I am just sorry I took so long to do this!



Hi dear Sally,

Thanks so much for enquiry and lovely profile, and I do believe you and Inge are chatting, so I am just introducing myself! We love your profile – you sound exactly like the kind of lady our professional, stable and yummy bachelors seek (they are also not desperate but love our recruitment and personal introduction process as they also want the best ‘love investment’ for a lasting love story) so you are in good company!  On the contrary, our kinda guys are NOT intimidated by independent and strong ladies – this is actually what they seek, as long as they are feminine and not using ‘masculine power’ and are bullies or bossy ……..this info we will be sharing and it is quite an eye opener what truly good guys want!  Feminine power is awesome – the very seat of nurturing our species, so they admire this in a lady …….they just do not want to date a ‘buddy’ who competes on their territory like a male.

Enjoy your interaction with Inge …..we are process driven and have been acclaimed as the elite matchmakers in the country, with some 12 years experience and thousands of happy couples on our books (or rather, off our books!  LoL). She will explain all the processes, the next steps and look after you well. We take responsibility for all our actions and work with, and for you!

Much love and light,

Fond Regards

CEO/Matchmaker/Coach (specialising in the single dyamic at all levels for the individual needs, ‘date ready’ preparation, your hands-on, expert prfilers – always a call away!).