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Hi Shannon – thanks for your constructive feedback and excellent advice. I appreciate it! You are truly a sensitive, hands on and caring matchmaker!

I sent Lucille a copy of my e-mail to you as well as your reply (I am sure you do not mind) as I believe it would add value.

She mentioned to me that she also sent you an e-mail last night – look like we are very much on the same wavelength!!

We are both looking forward to her visit next week!! We will learn a lot more about each other and she will also meet my daughters.

Enjoy your day and I will keep you updated on developments.

Kind Regards.

PS Planning to read up on pheromones and how it works!


Dear Gary,

Awesome!!!  awesome!!!  You cannot believe, I was about to email you, I couldn’t stand the suspense any longer, was  just finishing something else, and in popped your email – uncanny connection we have!!

I am very pleased it is going so well – it was a definite from word go, as I saw it from where I sit!!  I am glad you had such a lovely time in CT.  I cannot believe your luck – 4 DAYS together again!! That is amazing, many barriers will drop, you will see.

I totally agree that any comms may be ‘sanitised’ because one has to think carefully, but when together you have all the ‘aids’ from body language, ‘love’ language unspoken, and radar/instinct!  Don’t forget pheromones – they are very real.  Personally, I think that in this case, ‘long distance’ is giving you a chance to both align your ‘extra-mural’ activities like family and other relocation plans, so taking it a bit slower, knowing there is such a great foundation, may be a big advantage. You absolutely don’t need any distractions, no more intros –you have chosen wisely – if fact you have been a great team player all the way!

Thanks for the thanks on listening to your heart ……..dit is nie net ‘n pomp nie!!  Let your head worry about planning your next visits, both ways, the rest will follow!!  Hee hee!

Much love and light, and indeed, thank YOU for being such a wonderful, good looking, charming and great guy, you are the star and we love working for you – and always here for you!

Fond Regards


Hi Shannon – I thought I would like to give you an update on the latest developments with Lucille and me.

I visited her in Cape Town – went for a walk in the botanical gardens and for supper in Fr.hoek 2 weeks ago. The visit worked out very well and there was instant chemistry.

Since then we have been communicating regularly AND she is visiting me next week for 4 DAYS! I think the relationship has good potential, but only time will tell. Our big challenge will be to get to know each other better with the big distance between us. We just feel so right together!

Thanks for your original advice when I spoke to you about Heather. This was spot on! The relationship was based on my head rather than the heart. With Lucille my heart is doing the talking and it is really exciting! My head has to play catch-up.

Our communication is mostly via e-mails, w.app and telephone calls. Because we are focused and have time to respond, I think the communication is in a way “sanitized”. Spending time together will be the only way to overcome this.

It is thus needless to say that it is not necessary to send me any new profiles “at this stage”.

Thanks once again for your excellent advice and all the time you spent to assist me – you are a star!! You are truly a professional matchmaker and you have such patience with us all, it is greatly appreciated.  Your professionalism is without par, you really know your members and your industry well.

Kind regards.