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Takes one angel to know another dearest Beryl!!  I have walked this path and have learnt many bitter lessons too – so yes – I guess the work we do is a gift because we care so much about you!  I am grateful to have the honour of knowing YOU!!  I have learnt to be humble and never judge – first find out! And I am still learning!

Thanks for sharing your deepest heart with me – I am very honoured!  I am smiling now as I firmly believe even this little tsunami had to happen to bring you and Albert together even more – you have exposed your feelings to each other and it has fast tracked your love for each other, indeed, you have reached a new level!  Let’s us see the silver lining around that dark cloud now disappearing fast!

I wish you a peaceful night and may you both say many sweet things to each other!

Love and light – and I really mean that!


Fond Regards


You Shannon is a God given Angel. You carried me through this day and I will always cherish you.

Last chapter for the day! – He told me that he ‘loves me so deeply and that his future belongs to me. We will hold hands and succeed in this beautiful love, holding hands going forward’.

I share this with you, deep intimate talk because YOU Shannon is a mighty tool in the hand of God with wisdom to make love remain the strongest and how to overcome.

Not because of today, but because of who I became to know who you are, I love you as a sister!

Now why do you set the showers from heaven from my eyes again – Shannon,I appreciate you, have never met a person who can say a thing the way that you do.

A deep thank you!  I am honestly learning a lot of myself which is not so beautiful, but I have so much gratitude as now my inside is receiving intense grooming.  Thank you!

I have never cared for any man as for Albert.  From the moment of ‘hello’, my heart was under his bed. I care so much for him and how right you are in so many ways – I am growing and being a fast learner, no intentions of repeating mistakes.  Oh my, I had to break to stand tall.

Thank you, thank you so sincerely – and here I am again at a loss for words.

You a gem!