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Perfect Partners - Professional Matchmaker

Hello again dear Reader,

My name is Shannon, and I am pleased to make your acquaintance! As the CEO of Perfect Partners, I can humbly state that I have some 40 year’s experience as an entrepreneur and business development expert, I have a tertiary education in Business Administration, with an extensive background in para-psychology and human sciences.

I have been involved in many types of successful businesses, from insurance to food, from fashion to the auto industry, labour law to training, all of which totally involved PEOPLE’S expectations! Marketing is key ….and marketing a hamburger or a car is no different to marketing YOURSELF as your own ‘product’ if you need to reach your target market!

I am also an Investor In People (European Union Standard)……..and I would love to invest my time and effort in your future too! I still study something new every week. I also have a long serving Team here at Perfect Partners of some 8 dedicated peeps I am very proud of, excellent interviewers who have coaching and psychometric backgrounds, each hand picked for their various skills – some a little nerdish but excellent in their technological field, creatives who have real talent in marketing and graphics, and best of all, my business partner Inge who is a natural with people skills learnt from a background in Social Welfare and psychology – she will rescue everyone if she can!

Alma is a qualified health and fitness expert and was a personal trainer….having worked with many at the bottom of their barrel, she is well placed to advise on health and fitness issues.

We are a democratic company and everyone is important to me! And yes …I am the last to switch off the lights at night……