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Hi Shannon, I trust you are well. Thank You for the latest profile. I have however found my muse through Perfect Partners and would like to be removed from your books now.

I would like to thank you and Perfect Partners for the journey that I walked with you. I did not only find my Soul Mate immediately, but I did experience success through Perfect Partners. Success is measured in different ways. Through Perfect Partners I found my confidence again, rediscovered myself and realized that there is more to me than I first thought. I needed to rebuild my foundations after my divorce which Perfect Partners helped me achieve.

Good foundations are necessary for a good rebuilding of a mind and a life. A more confident person is a more successful person whether it is Love, Work or Play and Perfect Partners helped me rebuild and strengthen my confidence. What I will cherish is that I did find True Love.

I am thoroughly enjoying work, very busy and very challenging. My Round Table Brothers are a great bunch and good friends. I have excellent cycling routes around me and my Cardiovascular System has adjusted nicely to the higher altitude. My Toastmasters Club is ensuring that I am becoming a polished communicator, just what I need for my weekly Channel meetings and those Presentations to Operations Managers and Business Unit Managers and also ensuring my communication to my staff is carried out properly.

It has been an amazing journey Shannon and Inge, thanks for the ride and Thank You Perfect Partners.

Kind Regards,