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Good Day Shannon,

All good yes thanks – we have set a date 13-04-2013 to be married. We are very well matched and it has been an awesome change in our lives and we look forward to a very happy future!  You have done your magic twice for me but this is the ‘keeper’ for sure!

We will catch up again when in CPT.

Fond regards,

D & S

Hi dear D & S,

How absolutely wonderful to hear from you and my apologies for the late reply! We were on holiday when your email came in and then we had issues with a internet line (Telkom!) and only now catching up – we are extremely busy and doing the good deed for all those Singles out there!

I am so sorry I missed you when you came to Cape Town, and I am thrilled that you are still such a wonderful couple – indeed – we count you as one of most inspiring success stories and would love to know how it is going. Are you planning anything big for the future – a wedding maybe? (-: Please let us know as we would love to send all our fairies and angels to look out for you!

Maybe we will get a chance to meet up again in the future

Love and light,

Fond Regards
Shannon, Rick, Inge and the PI Team