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Dear Shannon

Hope you keeping well.  Thought I would give you some feedback.  Derek and I are still seeing each other since March and all going well.  We went away for a holiday in October and will be away on holiday on December too, we have awesome plans and we just enjoy every moment together, never missing a beat – what a fantastic man – he is everything you said he was and more.  He is a real blessing in my life and thank you for letting our paths cross.

Kind regards


How awesome dear Bernice!! We always think of you guys fondly and send our angels to watch over you!!  We do miss you – but sadly, that is the name of the game, people come into lives and then off they sail into the sunset, but we are ever so grateful to hear from you from time to time.

I have to chuckle – it is so true that our members have to really COMMIT to this process and go with the flow and patience is key – for so long Derek never took us seriously, then one day he said “this is it, what must I do NOW!?” then he really put effort into it and bang!! there we have a perfect match!  We are smiling! You make a lovely couple!!

Love and light as always, and enjoy those holidays and adventures, every moment is precious!

Fond Regards
Shannon, Inge, Rick and the Team