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Hello Shannon,

Hope you are well?

I wonder if you still remember us, Tony B and Olga M?

Well after 5 years together and lots of ups and downs we finally tied the knot on 7 September.

It has been quite road for the both of us, but finally we have settled down and enjoying each other’s company and enjoying doing things together.  We are very happy and perfectly suited to each other, despite a bit of a bumpy start, which you sorted out.

Because of Perfect Partners, this was not possible, so thank you so much.

Olga M


Wow!!!!  You just made my day dearest Olga!!!  I am squealing with delight!  I am so sentimental and always cry at weddings (for joy) and even your pics brought tears of happiness to my eyes!  You both look so AWESONE!!!!  What a handsome man and gorgeous gal!  Of course I remember you – and it has been a long time, but I am glad you took it slowly and made all your new adjustments to each other …….you can both really be assured you were meant for each other!  I am very happy for you and wish you many years of married bliss!

I love your pics ….you really were a beautiful bride, and the setting looked perfect!  You are very special, and thanks for sharing this precious moment with us!  We  are still going strong and doing the good deed, and hope to have many success stories every month.  If it was not for our strict confidentiality policy, we would happily share your news/pics with the nation!

Wishing you much love and light, and remember, once a perfect partner, always a perfect partner, and we love hearing from you!

Fond Regards
Shannon and the PPI Team