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Dear Inge

Thanks for the reading matter, it is much to think about. I do think my expectations are realistic and being a little older I have mellowed much and do not over react to small issues. I am very open to also meet  men that I did not describe as a suitable match. Life might just surprise me! After all the ones that I have selected for myself have loved me, but have other women in their lives too.

This is also to let you know that I have been doing Olga Rousseau’s diet and I have lost five kilograms. So I now weigh 68 kilograms. The jacket I was wearing on the photograph was suppose to keep me warm, I did not intend it to be photographed. The photographer thought it looked good, but it is bulky and makes me look fatter. Too bad, but please tell the guys I am not so fat. I believe it is quite an issue for men. I’ve tried on my bikini and it looks fine.

I know it is hard for you, as I am not young (but young-looking) and I am in Malawi as well for most of the time, but please do try. Who knows a miracle might just happen!

Thanks for your efforts for me.



Awesome dear Anne, thanks for the vote of confidence, and indeed, we love working for you!!  You have been a real sport and very pragmatic …..and such a positive attitude makes us very happy!  When reality rules, things happen by natural order …when we convolute, twist and play games, the universe gets mixed messages ….so your honesty has been inspiring. That is why our matchmaking must have a mutually agreed strategy and plan …….plans work, don’t they!! This is our mutual campaign! J The common enemy is “Singledom”! let’s go do some matchmaking!

Congrats on the weight loss!!  That is brilliant!  It makes all the difference, I promise, and yes, the ‘bulky’ jacket may not have been the best bet, but you do look nice (and your lovely legs look slender) so we thought it good to use!!  Enjoy your bikini girl!!!  Please know you have an awesome profile, our presentation of you is very intriguing, and we have given our very best recommendations!! We wont let any silly ‘objections’ get in the way! You look ageless!

We have a stunning intro next ……quite an intrepid traveller, so let’s see.  Please watch out for David’s profile!

Much love and light for the weekend!

Fond Regards