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Hi Shannon,

Compliments of the season to you.

Mary and I have become quite close and I’m interested in developing a relationship with her. You really exceeded your usual intuition this time and the waiting has been worth while indeed.  I have met many awesome ladies through you, thanks to your excellent matchmaker services – many have remained friends as they are truly above average human beings and precious friends now. Being an advocate I can strongly endorse that you follow through on your promises…..of course, when is never predictable!  It hit me like that lightning bolt you always speak of!

I’m not interested in meeting other ladies.

Thank you very much for all your efforts and assistance.

Kind regards,


Awesome!!!  how wonderful dear Barry – Mary is a real treasure – takes one to know one! We are very happy for you and have made you non-dating.  If you still want our weekly ‘inspirations’ please advise so we can continue to send.

Love and light to both your wonderful folks!  We have grown very fond of you and really wish all the best for you – you have been a true trooper!

Fond Regards