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A Wedding in June!

3rd February 2013

Dearest TE & RC,

Thanks so much for letting us know the awesome news about your wedding in June!  We seem to be notching up quite a few now for April and June, and hope there will be good news of more to come!  We count you as one of our most inspiring stories as RC was your very first date and you really thought love would never find you after all your other bad experiences!  It was your time!

We are very honoured to be mentioned in your article in a leading magazine, and we are very modest about what we do – but this is a love story that should be shared.  Thanks for giving us the accolade and sharing with the world what we have achieved – together!  You are so awesome it had to happen!  Please let us know when the article will be published.

Indeed, we received stunning pics of your Dad’s and IP’s wedding – he is right – she truly looks like an angel!  They look very happy and so in love!

Now we must complete the picture and marry your brother off too!

We wish you all the happiness in the world for ever and ever,

Fond Regards

Shannon, Rick, Inge and the PPI Team


29th January 2013

Dear Shannon and the PPI Team,

We are very thrilled to let you know we are getting married – the big day is set for June 2013!  I cannot believe how quickly things happened and from the first moment it was as if we were just meant for each other.  As you know I am very involved in the creative arts and a journalist friend of mine has asked for permission to write our love story for a leading magazine, so we would love to mention that Perfect Partners are the magicians – we want the world to know how fantastic you are!  My husband-to-be is the most wonderful man I could ever have dreamt of!

Thank you very much also for what you did for my Dad, he and IP got married on the 21st December 2012 and it was a beautiful wedding – I never thought my Dad would be so happy again after losing Mom a few years ago.  So two members from the same family, first me and RC then Dad and IP, fell in love on our first dates, it must be more than just ‘magic’ …….it is your incredible perception and caring introductions that did it for both of us. Dad is a whole new person indeed.

Please now just find my brother a true love too, and the picture will be perfect!  TE is very eligible and it should not take long if he also lets you and the universe work for him!  He has been the longest with you and it should happen soon!  A hat trick coming up in the  same family!

We will send you pics of the Big Day!

Much love from both of us,


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It has been a wonderful love story

Hi Shannon and the PPI Team,

Just to let you know that since we set eyes on each other it has been a wonderful love story and we are getting married on 16th February 2013!  I have only been with you for 5 months and I must say that you are very accurate with an astute awareness of our needs. You guys are wonderful!

We will definitely send photos – the wedding is a small and intimate, but very romantic occasion for friends and family.

We wish you much success with your other couples too, may they all one day have what we have!

Fond Regards
L & JP

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Another success story!

Good Day Shannon,

All good yes thanks – we have set a date 13-04-2013 to be married. We are very well matched and it has been an awesome change in our lives and we look forward to a very happy future!  You have done your magic twice for me but this is the ‘keeper’ for sure!

We will catch up again when in CPT.

Fond regards,

D & S

Hi dear D & S,

How absolutely wonderful to hear from you and my apologies for the late reply! We were on holiday when your email came in and then we had issues with a internet line (Telkom!) and only now catching up – we are extremely busy and doing the good deed for all those Singles out there!

I am so sorry I missed you when you came to Cape Town, and I am thrilled that you are still such a wonderful couple – indeed – we count you as one of most inspiring success stories and would love to know how it is going. Are you planning anything big for the future – a wedding maybe? (-: Please let us know as we would love to send all our fairies and angels to look out for you!

Maybe we will get a chance to meet up again in the future

Love and light,

Fond Regards
Shannon, Rick, Inge and the PI Team

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