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Good day Shannon/Alma

I have received your emails an  am in awe of myself,I feel so what elevated ….. like just being able to speak about myself, just by verbalizing all the things that I did last night has made me realize that I actually have no space for doubt and self pity. I am a truly fabulous, outrageous, as well as an adventurous individual – one of a kind, I sit here with a huge lump in my throat and its not sadness, it is of complete joy, I am already noticing the change in me, and that was hard, change can be so easy!

I am so excited beyond measure,  words cannot even begin to describe, the question that keeps resounding in my head” “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME?” The gay community need you! You have given me dignity and made me realise my own value. It is so nice to be treated as a normal member of the human race, despite my preferences.  Don’t we all have preferences, after all? But I guess the saying is true …….good things come to those who wait.  Much love and good wishes, and patiently waiting to meet The One,


Dear BR

We are also blown away dear BR, you have also opened us to a new dimension of humanity and it is deeply touching!  I wish we could sign up more like you – but with our marketing and reaching out, it will happen as it should.

Fond Regards