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Success story and a wedding in December 2016, single to soulmate!!

Hi dear RP and CM, (and all the ‘family’!)

How wonderful to hear from you!! How time flies!! It is hard to believe CM and the three kitties are already fully installed – for keeps! What a fabulous journey it has been …..and I even think many ladies could be envious that RP was very sincere about moving heaven and earth to get his South African beauty, and it has happened, and I can ‘hear’ you are very much in love! CM will morph into a great USA citizen, with her sense of adventure and faith intact! And living in Maine – could not be more perfect!

I and the PP Team here wish you the most awesome of weddings on 10th December, we wish we could be there!! PLEASE send us photos! We are extremely fond of you and loved working with and for you – it has been a fabulous success story and will always be a very warm memory!

Big hugs to CM, she is brilliant!! What a brave lady ……and a big kiss on the cheek from me dear RP, you are an extra- ordinary man! You knew your Ms. Right from day one!

Much love and light for always,

Fond Regards

Dear all, and especially our wonderful Matchmakers, Perfect Partners!

For 23 years, I lived alone in various parts of the world includng my 2013 move to mid-coast Maine. Now there are 7 living beings here in Harpswell, Maine, USA with 2 more on the way. My journey with Perfect partners was fabulous as I met stunning ladies…..and then my dream came true!

The major addition was CM’s arrival in Boston from 10,000 miles away (JHB, SA) on Tuesday. The next night her 3 cats, Charlie, Roxy, and Lily arrived the after a 7 hour drive up here from JFK. Of course my adorable and extremely gentle bulldogs Yale and Kennedy have been now with me over a year. All is smooth so far, fingers crossed

CM’s own very small dog Picasso will join us in the middle of next year, and her almost 18 year old son will be here for South African school holidays. He will arrive before the wedding and stay until almost New Years.

Again we are both so happy at what seems to be a large positive response as to attending our Saturday Dec 10th wedding at UCONN. Also if any of you know a good photographer with a real camera, we may have a need for that.

Please be in touch any time you wish.

We send our warmest to each of you,
CM and RP

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Another happy couple – the bells will be ringing!

Hi girls,

I did send you a mail to tell you that Vic and I am very happy. We really like being together and fell deeply in love from the start. He is moving in with me this weekend although we have been camping either by his or my place after about a month. He is an absolute stunning guy, very handsome, good sense of humour and my kids just love him and he them. He is the one who keeps me going and last week my heath took a bit of a knock again but there, he was right at my side.

We are so happy and we are deeply in love, both committed to make this work. We feel and act as if a long married couple and nobody believe we have only done so for a few months. May you be blessed in what you do. Vic and I are going to grow old together and I cannot wait for that to happen. You guys have really changed my life in every way – I thought I had it all but there was always something missing, now I know what it is, and your guidance through my ups and downs has kept me strong to never give up. It is so easy to just be real and relaxed! I never thought I was good enough, and maybe tried too hard. Thank you for never giving up on me.

All my love and hugs.

Hi dearest Carla – wow!!  we did get your first email and were so excited for you, I wanted to sit and give a nice lengthy response, but with all the short weeks, time has just been a real nuisance!!  You guys have really made my day, my week, my month ….even my year!!  I have so badly wanted you to find real happiness because God knows, you worked hard at it and you deserve it!!

Vic has been very quiet too – he is very protective about you, and would never ‘discuss’ you with us, well done, but we suspected something was happening, even tested him “are you available” and he flatly said “NO!” so he was not going to waiver for a second.  You make a very lovely couple and you look so perfect together – a very handsome couple, and we loved your photos, the kids are awesome too!

We are very pleased he is moving in with you ….you will be, what we call, ‘nesting’ and setting up a lovely home where both of you are happy, content and safe – well done!

We are a little sad on the one hand because we will miss you – you have been so wonderful, never sticking it to us, always on our side, so understanding and so patient!!  Your faith in us has spurred us on forever!  We will miss bragging with our very beautiful lady – you have been an asset to us!  Please, please do not forget us – you have been a part of the ‘family’ here and we have laughed and cried with you all the way!!

We also wish you all the best with your health, please, please get it sorted and get better forever!!  You need every moment together!  It is a sign of a real man that Vic was there for you like he was, many a lesser man would have been scared and run away!  Guess he knows he has found gold ……..

Love and light, and all our hugs and kissies for you both!

Fond Regards

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Hi Shannon & team

Thanks for all the profiles over the past few weeks since I joined. I’ve found PP very efficient and professional and have met some really interesting, accomplished and lovely ladies who are down to earth and have no agendas – I feel I can relax and be a gentleman and don’t need to be on guard against the unknown. It is appreciated that you understand that although I am a humble man I am high profile and need to be careful.  I have not had so much real fun in years!  You make it so easy, even for a shy man like me!

Best regards,


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Dear Shannon,

I just don’t know what to say except that I don’t think I have ever been this happy in my entire life! At first I thought it was too good to be true, after the bad experiences I had.  Thanks for showing me the  light to faith and patience, as Simon is the most wonderful man and everything I could have ever dreamed of, we have been together a few weeks and every moment is better than the last.  What an honest, open book and generous spirit he has! I am so glad I took the leap of faith!  You guys really know what you are doing.

Thank you SO much for introducing us, my life has changed!

Love from

OH MY WORD!!!!  Your happiness is pouring off your email at us dear Bernadette, we can feel the good energy from here!  How awesome! You are truly meant for each other!  Simon was a gift from above – a more authentic and wonderful man is very hard to find! You have been a super star as well – you were ready!  You kept yourself beautiful and you remained positive. You were open to meeting in a very low moment in your life, but you didn’t moan, groan or get pernickerty, you just trusted us!

We know there were times when the future looked bleak and it seemed hopeless, but we encouraged you because we never lose faith that we will find a perfect partner for all our members – you never  berated us – for which we thank you!  It is simply a fact that it takes just ONE perfect match to make it happen, and timing is up to the universe, so patience is the name of the game.  You had a bit of a dry season, but here we are, a fabulously happy couple!  We wish you much love and light for every moment of every day!

Fond Regards


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From The Bottom Of My Heart- Thank You……our instant success story! Now non-dating!

Good morning Shannon and Rick.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for introducing me to Brenda, she simply blew me away and we saw each other the whole weekend.

Can you please not send me anymore profile’s, I want to explore this relationship.

We have decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend (I am like a little kid)).

Brenda does have a wall around her but I will be lovingly patient until the wall comes down.

I will let this relationship go at its pace and I will ensure that she is comfortable at all times.

I am convinced that the Lord has bought us together and I have prayed that he guides both of us. I have been single so long and tried many avenues and truly did not believe I could fall for someone who is so perfect for me, or perfect for each other, as has now happened!  I am an up-market guy and have access to many connections, and this has been the highlight of my social life in the space of one week!

Again I thank you both.

Fond Regards.

Oh my, dear Stan – it is truly wonderful that this has been so successful – it is largely due to the two of you being such awesome folks!  We are just the magnet in God’s haystack and we do believe it is His work and was meant to be …..for what ever reason, and only time will tell!

We are sure you are slowly breaking down any walls that Brenda has – we cannot blame her as prior to joining us as a perfect partner she has met some really dubious characters and gave her trust to very nefarious types!  That is why we have been working with her so closely – because she is truly a fantastic lady that deserves the best and she had no illusions but only real hope and trust in us that we would one day find her Mr. Right!  We are very happy you feel 16 again and romancing up a storm – and thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you are treating her with care and sensitivity – she started off very fragile – but methinks she is going to relax and really blossom under your tender care……she could not have a finer man at her side. You are very worldly man with wisdom and maturity, yet still have your inner child – very endearing!

We wish you all the blessings, love and light you both deserve, and we are sorry our adventure was such a quick sprint, but that is what we live for – bringing two Singles together in a perfect union, so Mission Accomplished!  We will always think of you fondly, and would love little updates when you can share good news with us.

Fond Regards
Shannon, Rick, Inge and the PPI team

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