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Success story and a wedding in December 2016, single to soulmate!!

Hi dear RP and CM, (and all the ‘family’!)

How wonderful to hear from you!! How time flies!! It is hard to believe CM and the three kitties are already fully installed – for keeps! What a fabulous journey it has been …..and I even think many ladies could be envious that RP was very sincere about moving heaven and earth to get his South African beauty, and it has happened, and I can ‘hear’ you are very much in love! CM will morph into a great USA citizen, with her sense of adventure and faith intact! And living in Maine – could not be more perfect!

I and the PP Team here wish you the most awesome of weddings on 10th December, we wish we could be there!! PLEASE send us photos! We are extremely fond of you and loved working with and for you – it has been a fabulous success story and will always be a very warm memory!

Big hugs to CM, she is brilliant!! What a brave lady ……and a big kiss on the cheek from me dear RP, you are an extra- ordinary man! You knew your Ms. Right from day one!

Much love and light for always,

Fond Regards

Dear all, and especially our wonderful Matchmakers, Perfect Partners!

For 23 years, I lived alone in various parts of the world includng my 2013 move to mid-coast Maine. Now there are 7 living beings here in Harpswell, Maine, USA with 2 more on the way. My journey with Perfect partners was fabulous as I met stunning ladies…..and then my dream came true!

The major addition was CM’s arrival in Boston from 10,000 miles away (JHB, SA) on Tuesday. The next night her 3 cats, Charlie, Roxy, and Lily arrived the after a 7 hour drive up here from JFK. Of course my adorable and extremely gentle bulldogs Yale and Kennedy have been now with me over a year. All is smooth so far, fingers crossed

CM’s own very small dog Picasso will join us in the middle of next year, and her almost 18 year old son will be here for South African school holidays. He will arrive before the wedding and stay until almost New Years.

Again we are both so happy at what seems to be a large positive response as to attending our Saturday Dec 10th wedding at UCONN. Also if any of you know a good photographer with a real camera, we may have a need for that.

Please be in touch any time you wish.

We send our warmest to each of you,
CM and RP

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Dear Shannon,

I just don’t know what to say except that I don’t think I have ever been this happy in my entire life! At first I thought it was too good to be true, after the bad experiences I had.  Thanks for showing me the  light to faith and patience, as Simon is the most wonderful man and everything I could have ever dreamed of, we have been together a few weeks and every moment is better than the last.  What an honest, open book and generous spirit he has! I am so glad I took the leap of faith!  You guys really know what you are doing.

Thank you SO much for introducing us, my life has changed!

Love from

OH MY WORD!!!!  Your happiness is pouring off your email at us dear Bernadette, we can feel the good energy from here!  How awesome! You are truly meant for each other!  Simon was a gift from above – a more authentic and wonderful man is very hard to find! You have been a super star as well – you were ready!  You kept yourself beautiful and you remained positive. You were open to meeting in a very low moment in your life, but you didn’t moan, groan or get pernickerty, you just trusted us!

We know there were times when the future looked bleak and it seemed hopeless, but we encouraged you because we never lose faith that we will find a perfect partner for all our members – you never  berated us – for which we thank you!  It is simply a fact that it takes just ONE perfect match to make it happen, and timing is up to the universe, so patience is the name of the game.  You had a bit of a dry season, but here we are, a fabulously happy couple!  We wish you much love and light for every moment of every day!

Fond Regards


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Success Story

Gooooooood Morning Shannon!

I hope you are doing well today! I met up with Theresa on Saturday 20th….(the young doctor…) heheheh! We went out for dinner to an awesome Thai restaurant… I have to say this was probably the best date I have been on in my entire life!!! What an awesome woman, and we connected right from the start… She is sexy, gorgeous and smart…..… I enjoyed having a decent and intellectual conversation with someone! We were talking so much that the waiter had to come to us time and again to see if we are ready to order food! Heheheh! Wow! Thank you! You hit the nail on the head this time!!

We are definitely seeing each other again!!!! J

I am very pleased I took the leap and joined Perfect partners, my whole dating experience has been excellent!

Best regards

AWESOME!!!!  that is fantastic dear Eddie, my goodness, but things have progressed well!  You are both lovely people and I am not surprised, and it was a very good match.  I really hope you keep the fires burning and stay in touch (not OTT) and see each other again soon!

(hee hee, I can imagine the waiter running up and down!)

Love and light as always,

Fond Regards



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Another Happy Ending

Hi Shannon, I trust you are well. Thank You for the latest profile. I have however found my muse through Perfect Partners and would like to be removed from your books now.

I would like to thank you and Perfect Partners for the journey that I walked with you. I did not only find my Soul Mate immediately, but I did experience success through Perfect Partners. Success is measured in different ways. Through Perfect Partners I found my confidence again, rediscovered myself and realized that there is more to me than I first thought. I needed to rebuild my foundations after my divorce which Perfect Partners helped me achieve.

Good foundations are necessary for a good rebuilding of a mind and a life. A more confident person is a more successful person whether it is Love, Work or Play and Perfect Partners helped me rebuild and strengthen my confidence. What I will cherish is that I did find True Love.

I am thoroughly enjoying work, very busy and very challenging. My Round Table Brothers are a great bunch and good friends. I have excellent cycling routes around me and my Cardiovascular System has adjusted nicely to the higher altitude. My Toastmasters Club is ensuring that I am becoming a polished communicator, just what I need for my weekly Channel meetings and those Presentations to Operations Managers and Business Unit Managers and also ensuring my communication to my staff is carried out properly.

It has been an amazing journey Shannon and Inge, thanks for the ride and Thank You Perfect Partners.

Kind Regards,


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Another success story!

Good Day Shannon,

All good yes thanks – we have set a date 13-04-2013 to be married. We are very well matched and it has been an awesome change in our lives and we look forward to a very happy future!  You have done your magic twice for me but this is the ‘keeper’ for sure!

We will catch up again when in CPT.

Fond regards,

D & S

Hi dear D & S,

How absolutely wonderful to hear from you and my apologies for the late reply! We were on holiday when your email came in and then we had issues with a internet line (Telkom!) and only now catching up – we are extremely busy and doing the good deed for all those Singles out there!

I am so sorry I missed you when you came to Cape Town, and I am thrilled that you are still such a wonderful couple – indeed – we count you as one of most inspiring success stories and would love to know how it is going. Are you planning anything big for the future – a wedding maybe? (-: Please let us know as we would love to send all our fairies and angels to look out for you!

Maybe we will get a chance to meet up again in the future

Love and light,

Fond Regards
Shannon, Rick, Inge and the PI Team

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