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Dear Inge and Shannon,

Thank you for all the moral support and encouragement you guys have given me since my break-up. I am however moving on and wish to stress how important an organisation of yours is as a catalyst to meet the right partner. I cannot stress enough that the only way to beat the odds in this dating business is to use the services of a professional matchmaker, and an expert dating agency like yours that actually cares!

It`s a jungle out there infested by hordes of unscrupulous males & females. Your professional introductions have always been very accurate and well matched! I will never risk a random relationship again unless I am sure, I remain a very loyal and grateful member of your dating agency and in future will leave it to you to recruit my love of my life!

My situation was a case in point, and the residue left behind consists of broken hearts, depleted bank balances, loss of self esteem and self confidence.

Believe me, it can happen at any age, irrespective of social or financial standing.

Perfect Partners is the vehicle which sifts the chaff from the corn leading to meeting balanced, like minded and sincereothers that results in meeting with a view to whatever they want to be that is possible and realistic.

Life`s too short for too many rehearsals.

Thank you for your understanding.

Carpe Dium.



Thanks very much for sharing this with us dear Chris – and we can only be but brutally frank, because we see this everyday!!  When an older man falls for such a lovely, younger woman, there is a 90% risk factor that she WILL  drain him of everything she can (almost an unconscious trading of resources  – my youth, your ‘gifts’) and the moment a younger or even wealthier prospect pitches up, she is off like a shot!

A two week break will also put distance between you and your break-up, very important, as you need to move on into the future!  Any new lovely ladies you meet will  NOT want to be a shoulder to cry on, and your moping and wailing over the ex is simply going to burn your chances of finding someone new – they will do a runner! (Sandra thought you are a very nice guy, but really did not appreciate all the talk of this!  She was sympathetic though.)

Thanks for your wonderful vote of confidence!!  We definitely have earned our good reputation as a very credible and caring professional matchmaking service. We will share this praise in the hopes that many ‘lonely’ or frustrated Singles will be inspired to use our trustworthy matchmaking services!  Our recruitment element is more than important, we are not just a dating agency, as we protect everyone’s interests for the real dream of finding true and lasting love with that totally committed Other! Personal professional introductions are the only way to go!

Love and light and our prayers are with you,

Fond Regards
Shannon and the PP Team