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Dear Shannon, & the Team,

There are a number of reasons which makes you organisation a “value added” one as a recognised and valued matchmaking service as opposed to other dating sites. I am proud to be a perfect partner! You really go the extra mile for us, and I can imagine some of us are very difficult to please but you never give up on us  – I know how I sat alone many evenings wondering where my perfect partner was or would ever happen, and suddenly, the day came and it was right immediately – we never looked back.  Patience was key.

Single people (& of any age of demographic) are less exposed to meeting “new people” as more & more they are restricted in their social networking and resort to Facebook, online dating sites or other dubious means of connecting with new friends.

The traditional “hunting grounds” of pubs etc; are becoming limited areas of exposure as it`s becoming expensive to wine & dine, travel is expensive, & furthermore, the security aspect of going out at night is a real one.

Inter home entertaining is done mainly among friends unless you`re invited along as a guest.

Personal introductions can be done but only if one can be sure it won`t backfire on one`s self should incompatability be the outcome.

I`m flying down to PE next week on business & Wendy will be house sitting my cat Tiger.

It`s hard to believe we met in September last year as we continue to grow together from day to day. Thank you for your personal introduction, your matchmaking was spot on – what a treasure!

Attached is a picture of one of the perks of my career with one of my clients at the u`Skaka Marine World where I got to kiss a dolphin.

Keep warm and well.

Lotsa love,
Tony and Wendy