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Dear Shannon,

Thanks for all your advice! I have spent some more time with Lionel and I am growing more than fond of him…. 🙂

I want to see where this leads …. so for now i don’t want to be introduced to any more guys. Barry asked me out (this coming weekend) and i declined. I just cant go out with a guy while excited about another man. I tried to be honest and gentle but i don’t think he wants to be just sms friends. Maybe i will call him later…

Spoke to Neil and sms but have not seen him for a while. Also only a friend.

Keep well,
Kind regards, Linda


That is awesome dear Linda – Lionel is indeed a wonderful man and you surely will now get to know each other even better the more you see of each other! He is very sincere and genuinely looking for that lasting connection, and certainly, you have his full attention!

It would be nice if you could chat to Barry – after all you got on well and there is no commitment, just ask him how he is and wish him well, and let him know if things change you will contact him. He will understand! We are sad for him as he really likes you, but that is part of the game and everyone understands this ultimately.

As for Neil, let things just go with the flow – if he doesn’t respond, then just let it die a natural death. He may be happy to stay friends.

All the best, and please keep us in the loop!

Love and light as always,

Fond Regards