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From: FMF
Sent: 04 January 2017 11:01 PM
To: Perfect Partners Inc

Dear Shannon

Thank you so much for the email and the discussion yesterday, especially as you should be on leave. When I asked to discuss what had happened with XX and I, it was more to get advice and to have a sounding board – I find that dating can really make you doubt yourself sometimes! But in fact I got a whole lot more from you in terms of support and compassion which is what I needed after the very cold sms “cut-off”. I thank you so much for that – the whole conversation was actually quite cathartic for me.

I shared some of my minor issues with XX – not excessively so – but I take your point that this could be an issue for him and I need to be more mindful of this given where he is in his life right now. But if he is looking for perfection in me or our relationship, he will not find it…..we can only heed your advice and grow “into” our perfection as we go forward………

I appreciate your experience, guidance, kindness and enthusiasm for this, which is clearly more than just a job for you. You are really amazing and very astute, your ability to get the point quickly is a gift, as we soon had me laughing again, and now XX and I are back on track!

Warm regards