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Hi Inge and Shannon

Hope that you both are doing well!

After about 6 weeks of being on Perfect Partners, I can confidently say that I wish I had joined earlier!! Despite only meeting 2 guys, the quality of character and the manner in which you paired them up with my personality was brilliant. Your professional matchmaking is excellent! Thank you very much for your efforts! Below, I have set out my feedback on both guys.


Positive Feedback – Awesome person! He has such a kind, caring personality. The first time I met him, he was shy and slightly withdrawn but eased up after a while and began opening up and showed a very genuine, humble character. He is very intelligent and has tons going for him yet he remains well grounded and is able to communicate on every level. I can chat with him for hours over a variety of topics and not get bored. MG is the kind of person who is willing to go the extra mile to help anyone in need and is always trying to do the right thing. Truly an eligible bachelor, a really upmarket professional match! You guys are true match makers, you really care and don’t waste our time!


Positive Feedback – I really like this guy!!! From the first time that I met him, he displayed confidence and was very much the alpha male without being overpowering! He is the type of guy who knows how to make a strong, independent woman feel like a lady. BP, is indeed humble, compassionate and kind. He has a soft heart and will do his best to make sure that I am comfortable. I must admit, I haven’t met anyone quite like him! Initially I struggled to read him and felt as if he wasn’t very interested in me. Despite that I decided to throw caution to the wind and to show him that I am interested and this seemed to make him feel more reassured. Whenever I meet BP for dinner, etc, being around him lifts my spirits and makes me happy from the inside out….kinda mushy for such a short space of time hey! lol  We have lots in common and seem to share the same beliefs in spirituality, respect, positivity, strong family values, commitment and individuality. When chatting with him, I get the feeling that he really wants to see me for who I am and isnt really fixated on my appearance and social status in terms of career etc …smart guy! I do hope that I have the opportunity to share much more with him…if not, then I am grateful to have crossed paths with such a remarkable soul! When you say you do professional singles introductions, every word is true!

Constructive Criticism – Bhupesh shouldn’t doubt himself. It’s awesome that he considers things before jumping in head first but if he over thinks things, he could lose out on something fab!

Please let me know if you receive any feedback about me that I can work with to improve myself. I would really appreciate that


Much love