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Dear Perfect Partners

I find myself wanting to write to you, firstly to share my story and secondly to say an enormous thank you!! Not necessarily in that order…

I came across PP by default……… After the ending of a twenty year marriage, I spent ten years completely on my own. Well, that is not entirely true… I had the most incredible time with my children. We were and will always be the most fantastic team. They, in fact, are the very best part of me and my life………………………………… forever and always.  Yet, I found myself, from time to time, wondering what it would be like to meet someone  and more importantly, if I would ever be blessed enough to fall in love again……. During the time on my own, I spent many, many hours thinking and reflecting and, yes, even acknowledging my part in the breakdown of what I thought would be my forever… Much introspection was accomplished. During that time, Match VIP, crossed my path, but although I met with Bonita, I never followed through. There is much to be said for being in the right space.

During 2016, totally unexpectedly, someone came into my life. He was kind but extremely controlling, and I was to find out in a really hard and painful way that I had become involved with a true Narcissist. It shook me and I had some harsh realizations to work through… The hardest thing being that I was prepared to accept the way he treated me, rather than be on my own.  It took a monumental effort to pick up the pieces of my life, again, and walk away.

Round about the April of 2017 I decided that I had to move on and that I dearly wanted to have someone in my life that I could love… I tried to contact Bonita again – she put me in touch with PP.

My story begins… It was very daunting for me…. Photographs, putting into words who and what I was about… not easy …. Alma was wonderful, and she has remained there to listen and guide and be my voice of reason when I was wobbling…

I have met five incredibly amazing and awesome men through PP!  You are perfectly honest about the great caliber of your fine bachelors! I never thought it possible after my own bad experiences trying it on my own.  Each one a true legend in their own way…….. I am putting in names just because they are so worthy of being mentioned and not just a nameless coffee encounter…

XXXXXX – a true gentleman…..this is where my confidence started growing!

XXXXXXX …… Well, wish it was easier to put feelings into words and have the same effect! He is charming, funny, considerate and an amazing person to be with… He actually knocked my socks off…

XXXXXX…..  He has a voice that can melt an iceberg… I spent so many wonderful hours and days with him. He made me feel desirable and taught me that at 51, I could still give myself completely on an intimate level… He gave me confidence and belief in myself………………………………………….

XXXXX……………. I love his passion for his fluffy pawed kids.  He is full of humour and charm. Would have loved getting to know him better…

Finally and the best of all…. XXXXXX…… He has changed my life and my world… He makes me feel like no one else exists when we are together….. It is like time stops. He treats me with love and respect and I am so looking forward to our journey together…… He tells me how beautiful I am… How warm and gentle, soft and fluffy and perfect I am, too. Mostly, I just think he needs his eyes tested!! HaHa…

His children are gorgeous and my children just want the best for me… We chat for hours and no matter my fears ( I tend to be a worrier ) he calms them …. He is so even tempered and treats people with respect … When I think of him I see a man of integrity. A family man who will always treat me like a princess….. He spoils me and remembers my favourite things …. even though I may only have briefly mentioned them… He loves that I believe in fairy tales and everything pink, fluffy and sparkly….

I want to make him happy…. I want him to know I will honour him and that he is my knight… that I will always have his back and that he can trust me…

Shannon – thank u!! Thank you for the enormous amount of hours and care you put into helping us find our perfect partner…. Thank you for the hours you put into your weekly” words of wisdom…” I have learnt much… Your team are just the best! Alma – the very very best!! Thank you for being there and mailing me when I was falling apart over XXXXXXX… If you speak to him at any time, please tell him I thought he was not just the bees knees- but the whole jolly bee!!  And that whenever I listen to Johnny Clegg, I can’t help but think of him and smile, hugely……

I have grown so much since joining PP- I ACTUALLY OWE YOU MORE THAN JUST A THANK YOU… I owe a bright, shiny and happy future to us all… I hope with all my heart that I will never need PP again- but I will stay in touch –  your work is done!!

Sending loads of pink fluffy love

Your pink fluffy lady!


Hi dear S,

What a fabulous email, and you really brought tears to our eyes!!  We are so thrilled you found your perfect match and it sure does look for a lifetime journey of great happiness!!

We must praise you too – you are a fabulous lady, you have looked after yourself (and do not knock yourself for being 51, you have kept up your good looks and figure and attitude) and in totally honesty, the MOST important thing is your gentle nature and humble ways, even though a highly educated and intelligent lady, you have never been self-important, conceited, opinionated  – and never undersell yourself, you may be “pink and fluffy” because you are a gentle natured person and believe in love and moonbeams still, but you are no fool!  The fact is you are every guy’s dream because you are just NORMAL and very special, without making any statements or demands.  You are also aware of your shortcomings (we all have them angel!), which were quickly sorted through your willingness to accept our guidance!!

We know you have truly found a most awesome and fabulous guy, and you will always be his queen! Thanks again for sharing, and we have blogged your story to inspire others seeking the real deal, to find love, and maybe use the services of a professional matchmaker who cares! And yes, it was nerve wracking getting through the interviews (the perfect way to really discover yourself too!) and getting good photos, but nothing in life is worth having unless you work for it!

We love you lots and will always remember our lady who still believes in magic and fairy tales,

Fond Regards always,
Alma and Shannon and Inge