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Good morning Shannon and Rick.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for introducing me to Brenda, she simply blew me away and we saw each other the whole weekend.

Can you please not send me anymore profile’s, I want to explore this relationship.

We have decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend (I am like a little kid)).

Brenda does have a wall around her but I will be lovingly patient until the wall comes down.

I will let this relationship go at its pace and I will ensure that she is comfortable at all times.

I am convinced that the Lord has bought us together and I have prayed that he guides both of us. I have been single so long and tried many avenues and truly did not believe I could fall for someone who is so perfect for me, or perfect for each other, as has now happened!  I am an up-market guy and have access to many connections, and this has been the highlight of my social life in the space of one week!

Again I thank you both.

Fond Regards.


Oh my, dear Stan – it is truly wonderful that this has been so successful – it is largely due to the two of you being such awesome folks!  We are just the magnet in God’s haystack and we do believe it is His work and was meant to be …..for what ever reason, and only time will tell!

We are sure you are slowly breaking down any walls that Brenda has – we cannot blame her as prior to joining us as a perfect partner she has met some really dubious characters and gave her trust to very nefarious types!  That is why we have been working with her so closely – because she is truly a fantastic lady that deserves the best and she had no illusions but only real hope and trust in us that we would one day find her Mr. Right!  We are very happy you feel 16 again and romancing up a storm – and thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you are treating her with care and sensitivity – she started off very fragile – but methinks she is going to relax and really blossom under your tender care……she could not have a finer man at her side. You are very worldly man with wisdom and maturity, yet still have your inner child – very endearing!

We wish you all the blessings, love and light you both deserve, and we are sorry our adventure was such a quick sprint, but that is what we live for – bringing two Singles together in a perfect union, so Mission Accomplished!  We will always think of you fondly, and would love little updates when you can share good news with us.

Fond Regards
Shannon, Rick, Inge and the PPI team