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Good day PP team

I have decided to take a break for now as there seems to be too much on my plate to give the dating my full attention.  I have totally enjoyed every moment with you in the last year and will probably renew membership later this year.  You are excellent matchmakers and have helped me tackle the lifestyle of being a bachelor again, tremendously! My confidence is totally restored and I know I will meet the right one for me, when it happens!

As a bit of feedback though, I have enjoyed meeting all the lady’s that I met as they were superb, every one of them a fabulous lady with good prospects,  & thought that you guys did a pretty good job matching me up, your matchmaking skills and being ever-present for me, was faultless!  I have found it pretty challenging though to conduct the dating game commuting from my area with the type of career I have. Next time we are going to have to find someone closer to home! Although I can relocate, it is not on the cards for now.

Anyway, I did find my feet again after having been out of the dating game for so many years and for that I am really and truly  great full. I would use your service again like a shot if I for some reason moved to Gauteng. Your kindness, caring and attention to detail in the matchmaking process is beyond par! (I marvel at how you find all those awesome ladies!).

All the best