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Dearest Shannon,

I trust you are all ready to take a well-deserved break and rest. Just to give you some feedback of my experiences over the year and lessons learnt. I am a very busy psychologist helping many other people, yet have found your help invaluable in my own personal growth!

First, it was a lot of fun and very valuable lessons learnt. The ups and downs were all-good to experience and left me much the wiser and more competent in handling relationship in future. There were mostly princes and only a few frogs…….it was a good run of experiences that I would not have been able to get in any other way.

Although I did not find the ONE, I went and still hope to go in the year ahead, with an open mind and with a sense of enjoying whatever was presented to me. It was a great learning school and necessary to not only see what I wanted from a man, but more importantly what I did NOT want from a future partner. It gave me a lot of laughs, a few tears, but a much more contented whole person. My brief relationship of a few months, being  semi-engaged, was a wonderful experience, but not just meant to be! He was a wonderful, wonderful man!

The people were mostly all super and there were the few that just never replied or contacted me when you said they would. The quality of men was really of a high standard and it made me realise that there are some nice people out there and that I need not settle for less. I am in no hurry and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and sharing views and ideas with them. It seems to me that men generally carry more hatred and bitterness and hard feelings than women do and I often reminded them those were things of the past. Focus on the future and leave that book on the table, closed and finished.

I hope to have a few more introductions coming up next year,  I have made some good friends and I still have contact with LM from the Cape. He stays with me when he comes up and I take him to the airport, etc. as a friend. He is good fun but his light bulb fuses at 20h00 and mine at 23h00 so we know our communication time is after 08h00 in the morning ha ha.

LN is a kindhearted spirit but he needs to brush up his social skills. If you do not pull out a woman’s chair while dating her, there is not much hope that you will do it later in the relationship. Little things like pouring wine or asking for ice are things that matter to me. Apart from that, I think he can be a great friend for someone who does not matter much about these little things.

I have matured a lot and have found out a lot about myself that I never knew. I actively took time to get my support system in place and to make sure unforeseen things are taken care of before they occur on the horizon. It was a difficult but fun year and I hope to meet some more people in the year ahead. I am staying at home this Christmas to enjoy and appreciate the blessings I have and to share quality time with family and friends, as we never know who may not be there to share it with next year.

Thank you for the good you do, the joy, and the love that you bring into other people’s lives. May you all be blessed in abundance!  The  service you do is beyond the norm and very valuable and you have touched many people’s lives.

Fondest love


Thanks for the awesome email and feedback dear Carmen, it is so heart warming to know that every experience has had some value add, and yes indeed, sometimes the ‘negatives’ also turn into positives and everything turns out best!  It certainly does demonstrate our single’s society and what is out there, when you keep an open mind and meet everyone – as we always say – you wont know unless you go see for yourself! At least you know you are socialising in a transparent and safe environment and can take the risk because you never know Who, or When!

Indeed, it is true, many men do not have the emotional strength to get over their past disappointments, and we do try our very best to remind them that the future is more important – to go forth  and START that next chapter – so that soon the memories are pushed out of their minds! We also agree – they are all very nice genuine guys and really just want to be in love and happy, tired of the sex games and the exploitation, just very real and very sincere.  We love them all!

Your personal ‘growth’ has been fantastic – you are much better organised and focussed now as you have factored this new adventure fully into your hectic schedule, and we love working with you!  We are very proud to get you out there!  You are an exceptionally smart and beautiful woman!

Even the few brief months you were in an exclusive relationship being “pre-engaged” were not wasted!  You have also made some good friends and that is what it is all about!  The fact is, as one looks back, maybe you were just not ready for the commitment and needed to go back to the drawing boards too – and somehow God and the Universe knew this, so your time will definitely come again!

Please always give us the names of the guys who have not made contact – we will follow up, especially once we have activated!  A few guys have tried once, twice and then said they simply have to give up as you are not responding.  You all have a responsibility to follow through!  That is why we give you ‘his’ number, so you can log it in and see missed calls, then you can call back ……do you do this?

Thanks for letting us know you are available over the holidays –we will do what we can with those eligible bachelors that are ‘alone at home’ too

Love and light as always and we love you to bits!  There will be plenty of action next year – watch this space!

Fond Regards

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