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From: “JENNY”

Dear Shannon, Inge,

Thank you for the news letters and updates. I read with enthusiasm as I learn more about my personal self.

A quick update….I have been actively trying to loose weight not just because of the advise you gave me but also because I want to keep fit. I had not realised what my ‘personal branding’ was all about and what impact I make out there, especially to strangers who do not know my fine mind and caring heart, the ‘physical’ is also important, as your article on “marketing oneself first” claims.

I am proud to report that I have lost 9 kilos 🙂 I now weigh 70 kg. Your holistic life coaching is invaluable as you are so right, if you want different results, you have to do something different.

So thank you for giving me a wake up call….I am not only looking a whole lot better but also feeling great! You guys are not only incredible matchmakers, much more than I would ever get from heartless online dating sites, and worth every cent I have invested with you as you really care about my wellbeing!

Thought I should share this with you. I would also appreciate it if you can update my profile as well. Have a lovely weekend! I will do new photos when I feel I am at my best, and
thank you for all your matchmaking efforts! It has been an exciting time in my life and many changes are happening for the good.



To: “Jenny”
Date: Thursday, July 23, 2015, 8:09 PM

Hi dearest Jenny – we understand and empathise – we feel awful too because your success is our success and imperative to us! It is always a bitter pill to swallow but I have to be honest. After going into the declines today we saw that the guys all loved your profile and even said you are lovely – but when it came to ‘size’ they felt out weighed! Sorry, it is a man thing -and
most of our eligible bachelors work very hard on their attraction factor, health and fitness, so this is where we hit a stone wall. Please do not shoot the messenger – we
are trying to help by giving you the reasons why you have not met anyone.

We need to be proactive dearest …….you are beautiful and deserve all the men rushing to meet you! There is often a reason why individuals do not get the right attention from the opposite sex ……so best to address it. What do you suggest? We never forget you – every week we seek new compatible matches …….and we have to consider the guy’s criteria too as they are seriously seeking a life investment, not just a buddy or a fling …..so they regard health and longevity very important, and over weight spells health complications, it is not vanity or ego.

Intelligent men know all about BMI and quickly do the sums!

We want this to work for you, so on we march regardless!

Inge has prepared history summary of intros offered so far, sending next email. We are pretty much on target.

Much love and light,

Fond Regards