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Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed? That somehow you have achieved everything but still feel unfulfilled? Are you dealing with a sudden trauma, death or bad news that seems too much to handle? Does guilt often control or manipulate your next steps? Does work bore you? Are you constantly compromising who you are? Have you lost your sparkle and struggle to feel good about yourself? Are you demotivated and uninspired?

VeePicIf you connect with any of these questions and seek more meaning and purpose in life, Veronique Breugelmans is a USA trained CTI Life Coach registered with COMENSA that can help you rekindle your life’s magic.

She works from her private practice in Lonehill and is granting Perfect Partner customers and affiliates a free 30 minute intro session and 10% discount on 1 and 1.5 hour block bookings. Just quote the code “PerfectPartPromo”.

Give her a buzz on 082-451-3180 or email veronique@just-be.co.za