Looking for that special lady

Nov 25, 2016 | Testimonial

Hi Shannon, your weekly article and email refers from Friday!

Only got to read the mail below this morning, I guess rather late than never. Very very interesting. Lets first start on the short article and will comment on the letter afterwards.

– As a man, speaking for myself and those in my circle (most of them married already), we always say look for that first prize lady, not because of the looks which can be deceiving at times. We looking for that special lady that you can relate to at all levels, or well most. Someone you can talk to about everything and anything and not feel judged, ranging from your inner personal self, your interests, challenges, views about the future, etc. Basically, that someone you can share you frustrations and celebrations with and enjoy life together. Someone who shares same or similar vision about the future. Those are basics. As independent lady, she should however allow you to be a man in her life. Simply put, someone who will allow me to bring the best out of them and vise versa.

On the letter below, I sense that this guys could be associating with those less independent ladies who will want the guy to only spend and spend and spend. I have realized that, especially with the ladies I have met on Perfect Partners, mostly they are at a point in their lifes where they have worked hard for their independence and just looking for someone to bring love into joy into their lifes. With such ladies, you will always find that they are genuine about their expectations and will not even give a sense of being after your money or material possession. They just looking for a man to play a manly role in their lives and make them feel protected and loved. These guys could possibly be hanging out with wrong ladies (maybe meeting on internet or Tinder?) or possibly scared of the challenge of being with successful and independent women. There are plenty of good women out there, they must never lose hope.

Many thanks and regards, your member who is an Alpha male and love Alpha females!