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Dear Shannon

Thank you for all your kind words :). As per our telphonic discussion, Ron and I are engaged and due to get married in March 2015 (we will send you pictures) with a little baby on the way, we are aboslutely thrilled and thank you and your team for all your assistance and helping Roger and I find each other, we could not have found amore caring and dedicated matchmaker.

As discussed with you also telphonically my brother is 32 years old and if possible if we could transfer the remaining or some of the remaining of the membership to him as he is ready to settle down. I have copied him on the email please get in contact with him and arrange a way forward.

Much appreciated!

Heather[hr]14th January 2015

How utterly awesome dear Heather!! You and Ron were made for each other – what a lovely couple you make, it is was so easy to be your matchmakers, and we are soooooooooooooo excited for you – especially about the baby, how adorable! You will make wonderful parents!  You are so beautiful it is no wonder Ron nabbed you without hesitation – he also saw beyond the outer beauty and recognised your amazing personality and character too.  You are pure class and very humble, and we loved being your matchmakers.  He too is an exceptional guy and so many CT ladies missed their chance ……..the best thing he did was move to Jozi. We look forward to those wedding snaps! And don’t forget to send snaps of the new addition to the family!

We would love to sign-up your brother – we have had quite a few ‘family’ situations where we have expertly done our matchmaking for Dad, sons, brothers and sisters – one after the other! Please get him to contact us, we are standing by.We wish you much love and light and please stay in touch …it is very sad for us to ‘lose’ our members because we actually get quite fond of you guys, but that is the nature of the beastie!! (-: Being a professional matchmaker is a wonderful calling, but it means our people come and go quite quickly!

Fond Regards