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Afternoon Shannon

Yes, to be honest lots of ghosts have been put to rest. I had to deal with a significant financial loss (an investment that went terribly wrong), the ex that would not leave me alone kept me wondering if it would not work out again, but I have sorted him out and he is just there where he belongs in the past……

Work was just over whelming, long, long hours to start opening new sites, lots of accidents ( this unfortunately wont change), but I have decided to start looking for another job to.

I am up for a complete change in my life! Its better than a holiday.  I went to Durban on leave all on my own…..this was so lonely for me, I returned sooner just to be around people I know. Sad but true.

My ex told me I was materialistic and bitter, this really cut me up and it hurt a lot.

I would really like feedback on what the guys found as negative and positive points with me if that is allowed?

I would like that photographers name and number please, I  think new pics are all part of a new beginning.

Its so good to have someone to talk to again…..

Marie 🙂


Oh my dearest Marie – what a lovely heart touching email!! I am so sorry about the financial loss and am sure your good sense, and new experience, will guide you in future (trusted someone and took a fall?) and all your new business ventures will improve – it is such a funny thing, but when the planets, the gods, the energies, angels – whatever,  are not right they are horrid and it affects everything – everything goes awry and turns toxic like a domino effect!  Sweeping clean and stepping back, taking a deep breath and re-assessing everything to get insight makes a huge improvement, and sometimes, we simply cannot have it all, and have to make the best choices for ourselves….even if it means delaying a goal or a dream for a while, so there is always hope.

Yes, change is as good as a holiday, but a ‘real’ holiday alone truly sucks …it seems to magnify your isolation, and there is so much to enjoy ….and when you look around, you are on your ace and the aloneness seems magnified….horrible!  been there!!  At least you are rested and now prepared for the next round ……..we wish you so much happiness!

Never mind what the ex says – he is jealous!  Maybe you have more ambition, maybe more charisma …..and just maybe it was not meant to be.  People say things like that when they want to control you, it is a form of sabotage, it is toxic and reflects then off everything …..so maybe it was not just meant to be, lesson well learnt!!

You have always been a big hit and do very well, guys do like you because you are so NOT full of BS!!!!  Hee hee, only comment ever that may make you cross, was that you could lose a bit of weight!!  But that never put anybody off – it was meant kindly that you could be twice as beautiful and you deserve it……that is up to you!!

Standing by then to get your pics – then we refresh your profile and start a whole new chapter, practice session is over!  New beginning, here we come ……..

Love and light as always,

Fond Regards