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Good Morning PPI Team – you are still my favourite matchmakers!

Just clocking in to let you know I am back on board, had a great rest, that is if you still want me :).  I have had a wonderful time with you and you have never let me down – your are truly very professional matchmakers! Thanks also for always restoring my confidence.

I read your news letter and I am liking the new logo and all the funk and spunk the team are putting in to make you even more successful.

Congratulations on taking first prize to! Hope you celebrated that.

Have a lovely weekend!

I am going hot air ballooning in tomorrow, cannot wait!

Love, light and bubbles……in my champagne breakfast tomorrow! hehehe


Awesome, lovely hearing from you dearest Marlene!!! We have missed you and love having you back!  Next week we will refresh with all those guys that asked to meet you while you were away …..tidy up the loose ends, and get going again.  We do have exciting new intros!!

Thanks for the compliment and sorry the newsletter was so long ….that is why I basically only write one a year!!  LoL!!

Tons of love and light, and enjoy the ballooning and champagne!!

Fond Regards