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You may have some questions first, so let us look at the singles scene in this day and age of easy internet dating, FaceBook etc.,  and all things digital! You ask “Please find me a partner”, or “where do I find love again?”……let’s look at the scenario!

Dating/mating/relating between the sexes has not changed since humans started walking upright, as men and women are driven to answer their heart’s longing for a mate, a companion and lover – a mother/father to start a family, or enjoy their “middle years” after death or divorce, and even desire to share the autumn of their lives side-by-side! Nobody wants, or needs, to be “home alone” and not have that someone special – a perfect partner! An expert matchmaker is someone you can TALK to!

You may be here because you are overwhelmed (and disappointed) or even exhausted from the eternal search with dating sites. Online dating requires plenty hard work and perception!  It makes many singles feel even more alone when they see thousands of others also seeking, often with no lasting results, because many of those people do not even know WHO they are, never mind what they really seek. Your family and friends and colleagues have exhausted their pool of “you must meet so-and-so!” and you are tired of social set-ups like pubs and clubs!

A personal-service PROFFESSIONAL MATCHMAKER is an expert with vast people skills, expertise, life experience and a special gift to profile people accurately and understand their needs, in an exclusive network of sincere singles.  This is what you will find at Perfect Partners, a safe environment for sincere and elite singles, where you feel that you belong to an exclusive club, and will meet other corporate singles.

We discreetly introduce our “friends” (members) to you, a new “friend” (new member), when you have been through the joining process and paid your fee. We believe in old world communication and human interaction, albeit through a digital platform – but you will never be exposed on any site as we are highly confidential, your details are kept offline.  Your profile only goes to selected others! Elite singles! Executive Singles!

This is corporate dating at its best – just quality singles who are normal and genuine! We walk with you through the entire journey, readily available to chat, always warm and caring, as we understand the needs of quality, upmarket singles.

How big is your database?

We do have an entry requirement, so this is not a random gamble for just anyone – we have thousands of people joining year in and year out, after a pre-selection process, and then “going exclusive” once they find their significant other, so variety and do-able time frames are the order of the day, with singles dating daily and coming and going all the time – the more activity the better! We see everyone as an individual, after placing them in their “category” – for instance, interracial dating, Christian dating, Indian dating, Black Dating and others, which then fall into their own bracket according to age, area, lifestyle, personality types and personal needs.

Generation Z and Millenials, for instance, have different needs to Generation X and Y, and the Baby Boomers (senior dating) – and we know you all very well and what blows your hair back!!

What is your success rate?

We guarantee a minimum 20 intros per year, with no limit, and success is soon a reality because of careful cross-profiling and saving time on “going nowhere” dates, so we see a 73% success rate within this time, although some singles like a slow pace and need more than a year and happily rejoin, as they may have “trial relationships” they need time to explore. We credit you time out if you go on a sabbatical.

Do you offer advice and dating coaching?

Indeed we do!! From the interview to the final stages we support and guide you all the way – your success is our success!  We work with you to get a workable and feasible dating strategy – together!  It may be your “image” (what will guarantee you are noticed) or your dating style, you may be shy and need confidence, or it may be getting rid of the past and old hurts that haunt – whatever it is, we are expert coaches and will help! Hey, once you know what the opposite sex really wants and needs, your dating game plan improves vastly!!

No more punching in the dark! No more wondering “am I good enough?” – YOU ARE, once we get you “packaged and branded” and date ready! We don’t just throw matches at you, we make SURE you are fully prepared and ready……a total personal service.

We believe so much in the power of coaching that we include one free coaching session in your joining fee! Go here for more information.

How safe is your site?

Technically we are not a dating site, unlike many dating sites, cold and impersonal, where you are lost in a million other singles dating themselves to a standstill – you are an exclusive individual with a portfolio that is hidden in safe software and kept offline. We are a very selective dating service and are very careful that all our professional singles, upmarket singles and young and old qualify to receive our personalised and bespoke dating service.

We appreciate everyone is different and do not judge, but we know the agendas – the good, the bad and the ugly!  Our cornerstones are integrity, compassion and abundance and ability to give and receive love – that is all it takes! And we are told we have a great sense of humour!

How do I join?

After reading our information, please complete the Personal Profile, click on SUBMIT (the dating angels will automatically bring to us, confidentially) and we will then appoint your dedicated and personal consultant who will then arrange your discreet interview, no obligation!

We are waiting to hear from you, let’s find a way forward together, in love and light!