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Matchmakers Dating Scene. The dating scene has become a very confusing arena for men. I have heard many women complain that men today don’t take initiative to pursue them romantically in real life, but rather hide behind the various online dating tools to initiate contact. In return men claim that by approaching a woman the old fashion way they risk being considered rude, offensive, or even being accused of sexual harassment, it all depends on the perspective of the woman or her mood.

We live in a society in which gender roles are not as clear as they once were: men are not the sole bread earners anymore and more women enjoy economic independence, which gives them more social and personal freedom than ever before. This reality has a direct correlation to the perplexity in the current dating scene. While many men accept that women are equal to them at work and in society and treat them accordingly – when it comes to dating, people still hold on to traditional gender roles: many women still expect men to make the first move and engage in the romantic pursuit of them, some men still want to demonstrate chivalrous behavior with women. Nevertheless, since there are no longer clear rules of expected courtship behavior, men are left to guess what would be acceptable or desirable with each woman they approach. It can be tricky business for men

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