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Thanks For The Honest Matchmaking Article – Newsletter

Oh what a lovely newsy letter Shannon!  You are so honest that this is not easy, but your expert service is superb! What you do works! People need to be honest about their dreams, only then can they come true ……not live in fantasy, nor expect a matchmaker to work miracles if they don’t help themselves. I know you deal so deftly with everyone’s issues, you are very kind and caring, and yes, we all need to terms with truth.

Thank you for this. Actually I am taking the lesson of the last few months in learning to NOT be stressed when everything around me is pushing me in that direction! Being a diplomat I need to be diplomatic ……..I am learning so much through this service of yours.
Everything in its right moment.

I’ll be in touch with Vusani and Perry… lol.

Keep smiling and keep going on our behalf! Thanks again… now to leave the office and make supper for my 18 year old baby.

Sending sunshine from the land of yellow and brown.



I am so touched dear Libby ……it is heart warming to know you understand!!  Coming from a brilliant lady as you, I am humbled!

Enjoy the weekend, and next week more news!!

Fond Regards