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Good day team,

I promised you an update on how things develop between myself and Maurice.

We got off to a very exciting start and we spent a lot of time together. As things progressed I guess we realised that we are not on the same page and I suppose we failed to communicate our fears and expectations and we did not even get to the point where we worked on establishing a space where we both felt comfortable enough with each other to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and totally ok with our feelings, hopes and possibilities for our relationship. We haven’t communicated in a while and I guess its safe to say that we are both moving on from this brief chapter of each others’ lives.

He is a very charming and warm soul who dedicates himself completely to endeavors that he finds to be personally rewarding, like being an amazing father to his daughter and his love for biking. I have no doubt that he will be an awesome life partner to the person that he chooses to build a life with. I am very grateful for the time we spent together and the lessons learnt.

Wishing you all a lovely holiday tomorrow and all the best for the week ahead.  You guys are amazing – and you have taught me patience is key if you want the real deal in love and not just a passing fantasy!

Best regards


Oh dear!!!  What a shame dear Sibi, what a shame!!  Indeed, communication in a new relationship is very vital – two strangers need to plot and plan and negotiate around their niggles or issues to try to find a happy meeting point, no matter how strong the initial attraction.  What on earth could have been so ‘out of line’ that you could not continue!?  I know Maurice is a very proud man and a little on the traditional side (not used to deep talking) but it is time people got with the 21st Century!  I do not believe in ‘compromise’ as it means surrendering something or giving up on something …..but negotiation is wonderful as you can agree to disagree, keep your independence but still have full respect for each other’s needs, not so?

I fear sometimes that our Maurice suffers from a bit of tunnel vision and does not expand or broaden his field of dedication!  He is ultimately losing out ……..and we all love our children, but the good Lord has only borrowed (or is it lent) them to us for a time, then they grow up and fly the nest ….then what?  Suddenly a parent realises what they have missed and have no support structure to fall back on ……

You are to be congratulated on dealing with this so pragmatically and with maturity, well done!!  You really are an amazing lady and deserve the very best ….so on we march!

Love and light as always,

Fond Regards