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Hi there Inge


Wow what a journey and I can honestly say that the abovementioned man has really been on my mind a lot (or even all the time).  We are growing closer each day.  He told me that he has fallen in love with me and he did not think that it would ever happen again. You guys personally introduced us as my first date – excellent matchmaking, and spot on, it gets getter every day! I have only been with you a month and met 6 awesome guys, but Robert has my heart!

We spend a lot of time together and make plans to see each other; either me being in his vicinity during office hours or scheduling an extra date because we cannot wait to see each other anymore.  This past weekend we weren’t supposed to see each other but we managed to move plans just to be together.  He surprised me with flowers at the office yesterday and my heart just melted.  I think that I am feeling the same and he is just truly a gentleman and so very romantic.  He is also very open about who and what he is and I adore that about him.

I started to do crossfit with one of my best male friends and wow Robert is such a supporter and motivates me when they really broke me in class.  He is also not intimidated by my best friends being male although he did inform that he can be a bit jealous at times.  Somehow that doesn’t worry me because he knew that fact very early in the friendship and I did not hide that detail (knowing men).

So were not an item and I am still a free agent but it does kind of feel that I must maybe put things on hold with other men at this stage to see what happens.  Please inform what you guys think I should do?

Corne B called today and we are however meeting for coffee.  He is just on his way to Cape Town and will return in about four days’ time; whereafter we will meet for coffee.

Kind regards


What an awesome feedback dear Christine – we are buzzing with electricity too as we can feel the enormous energy you guys have!  Robert is ecstatic beyond words ……he waited patiently for Ms. Right, and certainly, you  tick all his boxes, in fact, he is a very lucky guy! You are also very lucky, he is a very fine man with every potential to be a keeper, a devoted friend, lover and father one day – he will never let you down.  Of course, you have much bonding, growing and negotiating to do as you slowly start this new adventure, so we can honestly say, do not let any distractions interfere with a God given gift! We do recommend that you have “The Talk” ……meaning that you can agree mutually to give it a try and not meet any others. See how it goes, what is meant to be, is meant to be!  We are always here to help and guide ……nothing ventured, nothing gained! Take it slow ……

We assure you, from his actions and caring ways, he is totally into you!!  How romantic, how gentlemanly!  Guys  like him are hard to find, believe it ……..if you saw the poor quality that tries daily to get through our door, you would know! His total support for you is awesome!  So unselfish! Hee hee, a little jealousy is a good sign ……he knows you are his trophy and he feels worthy of you, so take it with grace when and if necessary, but we see total trust here, so he does not feel threatened! That is so mature. In our thousands of golden words on finding love, the first sign is when a guy PROFESSES you are his, it is as an absolute sign he is not going to look around.

There is no harm in withdrawing graciously and with thanks from the meeting with Corne ……..he may be disappointed, but he will understand, as this is the nature of the beast! He has been with us quite a while, so maybe he is not that ready to even commit yet.  However, if you think it is good to make one final check before deciding to go ‘exclusive’, a coffee date can do no harm …….then you know you are sure. Maybe then wait for The Talk until after meeting Craig, so you have no ‘shadows’ going forward with Robert …….we will handle it with sensitivity, just say the word. You probably will not really have the ‘right energy’ for Corne anyway, so maybe better to excuse ourselves. You have  met quite a bunch of great, sincere bachelors, we will gently let them down.  Robert was your first strike, so by now you know the difference in what you felt for each other.  Matchmaking at its best!!

Much love and light until next time, and standing by for your directive on Corne ………..it is no big deal!

Fond Regards