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Hi dear Reader,

Welcome now to our page on our unique and professional matchmaking service in SA  – I do believe we may raise many eyebrows as this is the first time a website is not just a sales pitch of cupids and roses, or a basic guarantee of a personal and professional matchmaker service, but also an assessment of the reality of the industry today! Besides, it is a case of what you can afford and what your value systems tell you – go for a cheap product or less than stellar service, you are bound to be dissatisfied – discerning shoppers will rather wait to carefully invest in an excellent and candid service that can change their entire future! We all know the adage of paying peanuts! Or what happens when you have expectations of quick fixes! We all know why you are here …..too busy, high profile, have highly attuned criteria only a professional with a ‘profiling’ background will have ..it is not a matter of “here be Tarzan, give him Jane”!

We also cater to a diverse group of singles (not limited to any one society) as we see each generation group as having very specific needs dictated by race, culture, religion, region and age group and personal circumstances! (For instance we have our Young Heart’s Club for the 20 – 35 age group who are setting out for the first time and have the big wedding in mind, but nobody yet to share the dream with! Your life experiences are different and we honour this). Then there are the divorced group starting over, often with children that need to be considered, or sadly, those that have lost a loving spouse and are widowed and are brave enough to try again… your personal situation is very important to us, so tell us your story, we are all ears! We make a difference, as evidenced by our thousands of happy couples.

We also cater to these individuals still aspiring to be professionals, or are successful business owners, and even Mr. And Ms. Average who are stable and employed in good careers, who demonstrate a high IQ, EQ, SQ (spiritual quotient) and RQ (romantic quotient) and even HQ (heart quotient) and are above average and aware of needing a strategic love/life plan of some kind (we can help with this) that includes being in a loving relationship with a like minded soul!

So whether you are dating in Durban, or dating in Johannesburg – whether you are dating in Pretoria or dating in Cape Town, this is for you!  We all have traits we want in a perfect partner, a so-called list of intrinsic and extrinsic criteria, but studies (and the test of time) has proved that those with rewarding partnerships meet INWARD FOCUSSED IDEALS! Some of these are warmth and trustworthiness that connotes a degree of understanding, are supportive, respectful and affectionate, others are vitality/attractiveness which gauges how energetic, healthy, sexy and outgoing someone may prove to be, and last on the list but very important, is socio-resources, which reflects a desired level of lifestyle, social status and financial success and security.


  1. How big is your database!? I always smile at this!  Logic should say that if a professional matchmaker has a large database, what planet do all these awesome identical and likeminded, elite and corporate people come from – how many even exist in our society, a society that is multi-dimensional with eleven different groups? A large database may just mean a large bunch of misfits who cannot be matched! (Nobody is a misfit if your matchmaker accurately ‘fits’ you into your level). At Perfect Partners we boast a steady average of some 1500 “loose and single” members at any given time, with about 20% in a stage of trying out a new relationship.  We have had some 20,000+ through our hands in 11 years. What we do boast is a quick moving database – because members hook-up daily and our recruitment efforts bring in new screened members daily!  And we can truly boast a database of wonderful singletons – lovely people!
  2. What is your success rate? With reference to the above – we find in a 12 month period we have close on a 70% success rate. Shorter periods mean you really need to be in high demand because you are highly ‘matchable’ so pretty much ready to find The One almost immediately.
  3. Do you offer date coaching? Indeed, we help everyone with a generic ‘date ready preparation and induction stage’ and individual advice and we are accredited professional coaches with a background in psychology that specialises in the single dynamic and relationships, but we deal with this under our separate enterprise/service, called DATE COACH because anybody needing full time coaching in order to find love, has little chance joining a professional matchmaking service if they are not date ready! Everyone needs to know they get ‘approval’ from the object of their desire, so we empower everybody who needs to meet this approval.
  4. How safe is your site? It is another myth that matchmakers can just go around checking on everybody’s most private details! The Access To Information Act is very clear, only if you AGREE to a total invasion of your life, can anyone do any checks. We are so comfortable about the calibre of singles we attract, that we happily enter into our contracts in good faith, however, if we suspect something is not in place, we have a private detective who is legally empowered to do checks for us. We have only needed to ever check under half a dozen folk! Firstly, we charge a decent fee, so that is one of our pointers towards a person’s financial stability. Because of our high people skills and expertise in profiling, we pick up very quickly if there is a sign of dishonesty, emotional or mental disability – or sign of anything ‘undesirable’ – and yes, we have seen and heard it all! There is a dark side to the dating game we know very well! We are your gate keepers!
  5. Do you interview me face-to-face? We would love to, but sadly no, because of the volumes we work with it is not humanly possible, a one hour interview will never tell us enough!, we grow and transform with you all the time.
  6. Do you have a sifting/filtering system? Yes indeed ……..our interviewers are all qualified in recruitment and HAVE ACCESS TO ALL THE USUAL RECRUITMENT TOOLS, so at the end of every day we have an approved short list of definite new perfect partners that meet our entry requirements  – while sadly, some 50- 60% may be put on hold until they are date ready, or referred to a professional DATE COACH until they are ready for the games of love! It is a very serious game, albeit loads of fun! And believe it too – there is NO digital or computer system that can ever match two people….since when does a computer matchmaking process recognise the soul of an individual?
  7. Are you guaranteeing confidentiality? Absolutely!!!  Your details are kept on a database which is stored offline (it is a mega, 4 TB detailed system), and not even your in-depth profile that circulates to hand selected prospects will have any identity details, although it says a lot about you as a value-add prospective perfect partner. There is totally no internet! Some of our members are high profile – from famous sportsmen and women, advocates in the news, surgeons, business owners, scientists, executive managers in large corporates, or Directors/CEO and owners of sound businesses …..or even Mr. Joe Soap and or Ms. Jane Doe ………everyone is afforded the same high respect. Quality over quantity!
  8. How ‘Hands-on’ are you? We like to think we are good communicators – calls are answered, emails attended to daily, comment invited, and our deep portfolio on every member (kept on a state-of-the-art recording system) ensures our up-to-the-minute and instant overview on your ‘doings’ and we are very caring with a personal touch at the click of a button …down to the last second you received even a text!
  9. Is your agency legit? Indeed, our holding company is TML (Pty) Ltd so we are therefore bound by best business practice laws, code of ethics and legalities, therefore exercise extreme professionalism which is time efficient and constant and our unique approach ensures that the heart does not go out the business – we are all heart!  You are not just a number!
  10. How will I be personally introduced? You will receive a detailed CV, a basic bio of the proposed introduction, with current and guaranteed authentic photos, to consider – then it is your choice if you wish to meet or not.  If ‘yes’, then we give the gentleman your number so he can call you (oh yes, did I mention we still believe in old school etiquette!) and he has a time frame in which to call you.  If a ‘no’ you walk away incognito – and we prepare the next intro! No hard feelings ……
  11. What is my guarantee of success? Your success is our success!  Your attraction factor is YOUR success! We do everything we can to enhance your attraction factor, or if you are an impossible eccentric, we are up front with you and tell you “you are smoking socks”! But we ADDRESS your professional matchmaking needs on a reality basis and try!

Please enquire about our fee packages.

The fact that our members find enormous value in our professional matchmaking is testified by the amount of bonuses we earn! Yes, happy members have given us bonuses, most appreciated!  Another accolade is the amount of old members that rejoin, not hesitating to pay – after a divorce, being widowed or an engagement or relationship just not standing the test of time ……..some have even tried a new agency……..but time and again they return to our ‘family’!! If you have been ‘off the database’ for more than four months, a refresh fee is payable as it involves admin, re-assessment and a new strategy. If you ‘clock out’ due to travel, we simply extend for free. So we never delete any of the 20,000 – 30,000 members on our huge database …..we never can tell!

We sincerely thank you for reading this – it was lengthy but you needed to be empowered on such a huge decision!! We look forward to hearing from you – your no obligation interview awaits, once we receive that Personal Profile you have completed on the CONTACT US page, we will chatting to you!

Much love and light,

Fond Regards

CEO/Matchmaker/Coach (specialising in the professional singles dynamic and ‘date ready’ preparation).

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