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Hi gorgeous lady,

Wishing you and yours a happy new year.  May 2016 bring you nothing but huge successes and an abundance of joy and happiness.

Athol and I have decided to make a real go of taking our relationship to a new level. I cannot thank you enough for your sensitive care over the last few months – basically my second date turned out as perfect a match as my first although due to outside influences that one did not work.  You really are professional matchmaker and I can vouch for you after having been with the supposed ‘best’ before and ending up being totally traumatized and made to feel like a misfit in society.  I am very nervous of dating sites, but your unique singles matchmaking and matchmaker methods are a pleasure.

I have been blessed to meet someone so sincere, honest, intelligent and utterly captivating – I am well and truly smitten.

Thus you have done exactly what was required and weaved your magic.

Thank you to you and your fabulous team for all your support, insight and positivity over the last 9 months……you never neglected me and you made me feel like a friend…..even when you were honest with me in my most insecure moments, it was easy to take your advice. I will happily be a referral if anyone needs to know the truth about what a really good agency should be!

All the very best and lots of love.

Hope to meet you soon – wily lady that you are.

Fond regards,