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My Dearest Shannon,

Sorry be be out of touch for so long.  I hope you and all your loved ones have had a joyous festive season.

I promise to send you by this weekend my year-end 2015 Christmas letter, yes very overdue.  This note is short but i think you will be pleased.

Cheryl and yours truly are engaged, yes a rather long route ahead, due to practical issues, but our love is very real, even if it takes until late 2017 to marry. Yes, lots of details to hopefully BOTH of us in person tell you all about. You have been an awesome matchmaker and friend, and your matchmaking service is the best in the world (I know, because I came from the USA). Your advice is always spot on and you have uncanny and sensitive intuition.

She came to the USA east coast twice in 2015, and it is now my turn to visit her in Joburg.

We VERY much want to spend a few nights in Cape Town with a highlight seeing YOU Darling Shannon, the first time ever for Cheryl, and I have not seen you since  August of 2011…….when we started this matchmaking journey between my visits to SA.

My warmest to you Shannon.  Cheryl and yours truly will NEVER forget your role in getting us together…..you exceeded all expectations!