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Hi Inge,

Best wishes for 2015! I hope it’s the best yet.

Thank you for Richards profile. I will decline though. I do apologize for not getting in touch with you earlier but I would like you to put me on hold until further notice.

I am getting to know Alan (an intro from early December) . He is a lovely man. We have really clicked. It’s still early days but feels very promising.  Hold thumbs!!  I will keep you in the loop. Thank you for your excellent matchmaking service – I have only had time to meet a few guys, but they have all been really true gentleman of the best and even though I was hesitant at first, I soon learnt to just put my heart in your hands because you know what you doing and you have been very caring, glad I did!

Until then take care 🙂

Kind Regards,



Awesome!!!  how wonderful dear Mavis – we really thought it was an excellent match despite logistics – our Alan is a man with a plan and a true gentleman!!  We are very happy for you!!  You definitely count as one of our quick success stories – and that is mainly thanks to your very wise, mature, practical and kind nature (blended well with a sense of humour – what man can resist that!) as you have backed us all the way and trusted every move, it sure does pay off to trust your matchmakers!  So many Singletons are so pernickerty they throw away opportunity after opportunity!  We truly do honour our matchmaking mandate, and it is a huge reward and gift to us when our channelling pays off.  You rock!!

Love and light then, and please ask for anything if you need us in the future! Let us know how it goes …..we will miss you.

Fond Regards