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Why do I need Perfect Partners or the services of professional matchmakers?
Why would I need to pay for a social recruitment service or an introductions agency?
Do you cater for all cultures, religions and social groups, including the Gay Single Community?
What is your fee structure?
Why does it take 12 months? I don’t want to wait that long!
What services am I paying for?
Are there any further costs involved?
I have joined other agencies and been bitterly disappointed at the lack of interest or accurate introductions, what makes Perfect Partners different to other professional dating agencies?
What does it take to be a perfect partner?
Would the type of upmarket person I seek join an agency?
Do I have any say in the selection process of proposed introductions?
If I meet someone and don’t want to proceed, how do I exit graciously?
How will I be assured that Perfect Partners ‘gets me’ and understands my needs?
Will I be advised on each of the steps and protocols?
If I need your help urgently how do I make contact?