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Hi Shannon,

Thank you for the profiles. I have  been a member of Perfect Partners for only a week now and am totally amazed at your selection of excellent matches and professional service, much more than I expected.  You guys are true to your word! They all seem amazing ladies. Here are my first impressions:


She looks lovely and is nicely groomed and appears to have a lovely nature. We also appear to have a lot in common. I would  love to meet her.


She is a very attractive lady and seems to have a lovely personality. I would also love to meet Sharon, however, I am a little concerned about her being spiritual and a child of the universe. Besides that reservation, she sounds great and I would love to meet her.


She is lovely and has many of the traits that I look for in a partner – caring, considerate, sense of humour, kind, calm, loving,  etc.  I would love to meet her.

I would like to say that after reading the profiles, I am very impressed with your choices for me. They are all lovely ladies and seem good potential matches. Thank you. I do hope that the first three ladies would be happy to meet me.

Kind regards,