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“I met Margie over a year ago through Perfect Partners. She was the first of 3 ‘profiles’ I received and, though she was not prepared (or able) to see me right away, I had my other rendezvoux (plural of rendezvous) while waiting for her, but had subconsciously made my choice already, prior to that meeting.

We have had an amazing time together as friends, getting to know one another better, and more special as time progressed and

we were just engaged this weekend.

This is very much NOT an Internet Dating service or anything like that. It is more like a very personalised system of meeting the close-to-accurate partner, who happens to be perfect

Many times we look for Mr or Ms ‘Perfect’ only to later discover that we ourselves are nowhere near ‘perfect’ in return.

Thank you, Perfect Partners, for the experience. Its been worth every minute.”

Best regards,