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This week we share a beautiful love story, and from it there is some inspiring message of hope and also a reminder that life is too short to waste! We do grieve and mourn here when we lose someone…….you may not realise it but we care about every one of our members!

About four years ago we had a great success story, Ms. X 40, and Mr. Y 48 (for confidentiality sake we do not mention names) and it was a perfect match, they were totally in love and often we heard from them on all their awesome moments and adventures…..until we heard the terrible news that she came home from work one day to find him dead in his chair, a warm coffee cup besides him and the TV on his favourite sport. A perfectly  healthy man who gymmed every day, never smoked or drank much or lived dangerously – just gone in a wink from a heart attack!  He was in the prime of his life! It was the anniversary of his passing on 21st April and Ms. X sent us the most awesome dedication to her beloved, and it really touched our hearts. In her own words below in response to our condolences:

“Thank you Shannon, your kind words are most inspiring and encouraging.  I dont know that I could ever love like this again – I have had too much pain in my life – too many knocks.  I waited my whole adult life for this love, this perfect, amazing man.  I gave and received 200%.  I loved him more than my own life. We were the perfect couple, fitted together hand in glove, thanks to your expert matching and guidance in the early days to give it a chance when we weren’t sure – it was soon a dream come true.  It has not gotten any easier with time and I cannot possibly love that way again.  I am not ready to start over as he will be the one I love more than life itself. “

So we remind ourselves we do not know for whom the bell tolls …….live and love every day as if it were your last, is not just a cliché……because we only have the present and we havetomorrow, the past can never be brought back except in good memories that can sustain us as we head out ‘alone’ once more.  We encourage all our precious members to allow love to find you – it is not the person’s “look”, or their wealth or lack of it, nor their social standing or their achievements and assets, it is purely the beauty of loving, and heart intelligence that can make real love happen between two sincere people – never intellectualise or over think a potential relationship, (does age really matter? Do the little habits and rituals we have make a difference?) give everyone we propose a chance, and rather hone your instincts and follow your heart when the time is right, and leave the door open so love can find you. It proves our point here that we got another email this week from another member who said she is going to explore a new relationship – despite not her ‘type nor my look’ she said, she cannot ignore the huge magnetism and overwhelming chemistry – who would have thought! She is so pleased she gave it a chance!

Bottom line – true love cannot be engineered, manipulated or bought (leave the ‘agendas’ out of the picture too) it is truly a heaven sent gift for the human species, if they allow it to happen!  So off we go, seeking on your behalf as always, and hoping that new intros turn out to be magical for you all in the weeks ahead! Don’t give up because we sure do not – you all are fabulous folk and there is someone out there for YOU!

We are more driven than you know to find each one of you a perfect partner!!  Your time will come …….be your best, be ready, and if you are not, work on it!

Much love and light until next time …..

Shannon and the PP Team