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Wolfgang – Minni, (Dont go into the woods today ….the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood are at play!)


Sometimes things change quickly…

Like I’ve said before, Minni and I have become very good friends and we’ve spent quite a bit of time together. It seems that my somewhat inadvertent “slow-poison” approach has worked though, since we are now more than friends, and therefore I’ve cancelled coffee with the other ladies.

Minni and I share something that I call “cultural compatibility”, which is very important to me – I just wasn’t quite aware how important and now we have gone to the next level and are very open and comfortable with each other.

And on that bombshell, it’s time to end this message! 🙂



Oooooweeeeee!!!!  two favourite of our perfect partners are seeing each other …….wow, that is awesome dear Wolf, indeed, your ‘slow poison’ (to quote you, but not quite sure what you mean, tongue in cheek) method has worked, you have grown on each other!  That is so truly awesome!!  Without sounding arrogant – we could see that ‘cultural’ compatibility…..and more, you are both very ‘advanced’ souls……and more ….you just had to ‘find’ your level!! You would make a beautiful and worthy couple that others will benefit from ……..your happiness will touch many hearts!

We are thrilled for you and have made you non-dating, that is assuming that Minni is happy too J

Love and light and may you be very happy and fulfilled!

Fond Regards