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Hi dear Sipho,

Many thanks for the enquiry and also candidly asking about our services, much appreciated!

To give you some assurances, we can say we are often told we are streets ahead in our view to building bridges between the various culture groups if the individuals are well matched. We are also praised on our openness (and courage) to approach well matched singles with an eye to trying another culture – this is only a networking exercise after all in order to assess possibilities and maybe think out the box and try something new! Sometimes we succeed, but there are no guarantees! Many people are adamant about their roots and determined to stay within their cultures – nothing to do with Colour. Of course, we do have White ladies/men who are totally ‘colour blind’ and more concerned that values, IQ, EQ and SQ (spiritual quotient) are compatible ……with a similar lifestyle and background and approach to tradition and inherent culture. We also guide all our members on the art of acceptance, tolerance and negotiation!


Having said that, we can only offer to try on your behalf ……..if you were on our database you would be in line to meet such new-century-thinking ladies. Of course, we have to promote you (with your help – we will create a great ‘show case’ on you and make tentative approaches on your behalf and point out why you would be a possible eligible ‘catch’ and a value add in somebody’s life) and see what results we get. This is precisely why we call what we do ‘social recruitment’ because we literally head hunt for you.

Of course, at the end of the day, love has to FIND YOU! It cannot be engineered, manipulated or coaxed. The more candidates, the more prospects you meet, the better – this is a numbers game! What better chance other than joining our select network? You have total confidentiality, a hands on agency who really cares and is continually seeking that which you want from the general public after much advertising and screening for the ‘right kind of singles’ …….and we are also known for the fact that our members are a cut above the ordinary and mundane (who we wish well but rather leave to less knowledgeable agencies or the internet). Apart from us, there is not much better choice, I am humble in saying.

I trust I have given you some encouragement, and hope to see your personal profile come through – it will only come to me and is totally safe from any other eyes! I will treat it with respect. Just complete the form and click on submit …..the cyber fairies will ensure I get it. Indeed, a certain maturity is a requirement if two total strangers are to negotiate the path of true love in a lasting and fulfilling relationship, even if there is an explosion of physical attraction.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and wishing you love and light in all your dreams,

Fond Regards
Shannon Davisoff (nee Mac naughton)