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Hi Guys

Can you take me off the dating schedule for the moment please ?

Jennifer and I are engaging again as it seemed worth while to give it another try, despite our traumatic breakup and the hard times that followed.  Please wish us luck.  You have been marvelous in keeping everything on track and my confidence is restored enough to be more mature and understanding now.

Best wishes,


Thanks for letting us know dear Adriaan ………we will hold our breath while you try to get back together again, and hope all turns out well!!  Sometimes it is a great leap forward, sometimes it rings the death knell as it is just not meant to be, as much as you may wish otherwise!!  Familiarity can breed contempt …and us humans often revert to what has become ‘comfortable’ because it is what we know, our neuro-reality ………but the problems are still the same unless seriously addressed ……which I know both of you have the depth to do, so my advice is meant kindly, and we wish you both the very best!  Promises can be made and just as easily broken ………..honest communication is pivotal now.

Please let us know how it goes, we really care and maybe even we can assist ……….in the mean time, we have withdrawn your intros to the other ladies and they will be most disappointed – you are really eligible and deserve the best, remember this!

Love and light as always,

Fond Regards